If you're a bit of a rev-head, chances are that after you buy your dream car, you're going to be looking for ways you can upgrade and customise it!

If you've been in the car realm for a while now, you're probably totally in the know what will and won't impact your car's warranty.

However, if you're new to the car scene, this article is for you. We're going to talk you through some of the more common car upgrades and how they will or won't affect your car warranty.

Keep reading to get the 411 on your wheels today.

Upgrade: Body Kits

Custom body kits are one of the first things a car fanatic will look to upgrade on their car. There is also a lot of confusion as to whether this will impact your warranty – it's a topic that has been hotly debated for many years.

Well, the ACCC (Australia Competition and Consumer Commission) came through with some info on this topic, and have officially stated that the following will not void your car's warranty:

-         Body kits that do not require serious modifications to the car to attach or install them

-         Body kits that are able to be interchanged with your car's original parts.

When it comes to installing body kits to your car, there are some out there that do require certain car modifications to install them. If you're working with one of these kits, it's best to be cautious and do some indepth research as they may affect your car's warranty. Your car dealer should be able to answer questions about these.

It's also important to be aware that if you're considering painting your car after you've added new body kits to it, then your warranty may be voided – again, this is worth talking to your car dealer about.

Speaking to a car dealer or expert on the matter is ideal because they will essentially be able to guide you with how far you go with a modification. They can also recommend alternative products that will avoid your warranty being voided too.

Upgrade: Wheels and Tires

A favourite area of the car to upgrade for lots of car enthusiasts out there is the wheels and tires. More often than not, "the bigger, the better" is the mantra of these folks. So, once that new car is theirs, they will be on the lookout for those big wheels.

Unfortunately, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but using aftermarket wheels (those that are made by someone other than the car manufacturer), is a one way ticket to a voided warranty.

The reason for this is because the wheels are obviously one of the most important aspects of the car, and when these aren't working properly, it's a major safety issue. And when it comes to cars and trucks, the suspension and drivetrain systems inbuilt in the car have been made and configured to work with really specific wheels and tires.

Once again, your car dealer expert will be your best friend in providing advice here, as they will not only be able to confirm whether your warranty will be avoided, they can also offer some potential alternative products you could use for your baby.

Upgrade: Car Repairs

Ok, so this isn't strictly an upgrade, but it's worth including because there is certainly confusion over who can repair a car and how it can affect your warranty.

Again, the ACCC has some info on this topic. The ACCC has specified that your warranty will not be voided if you work with an independent car technician or shop, as long as there are certain manufacturer specifications that are met.

An example of this is if parts need to be replaced, even parts as small as nuts and bolts, then the technician must use manufacturer made or approved parts.

The same goes for if the car is being serviced and needs fluids replaced. The ones used must be those that are specified in the warranty.

So, no house brands, unfortunately.

In summary

While car modifications can be a whole lot of fun, it's important to have this info in the back of your mind, the last thing you want is to void the warranty of your dream wheels.

And remember, don't be afraid to seek advice from a car dealer or expert, they can help you ensure your car's warranty is kept intact today!

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