The 1990 Honda NSX is back with more Motorsport rage than ever! John Danby Racing and DC Electronics have unveiled their exciting Honda NSX, a project which brings the legendary motorsport vehicle back into the 21st Century of racing.

David Cunliffe, the Managing Director of DC Electronics, says: "Starting from a clean sheet of paper, John and I worked together to design the most effective arrangement at a sensible price. The key to the final system is that it is modular, allowing additional hardware to be easily integrated into the overall design."

The re-engineered Honda benefits from an ABS system and electronic power steering. Wiring and weight is kept to minimum with a custom designed, 16 channel membrane switch panel that is connected to the power control module via the CAN Bus. The pioneering motorsport electronics fitted in the new NSX includes engine control by Pectel, Ole Buhl Racing's power management, data acquisition from MoTeC and live video transmission by Drivedata. These may not seem like the obvious choices, but when combined they give a very powerful and, more importantly, flexible system.

Developed to continue the success of John Danby Racing in the new Britcar Championship season, the re-developed Honda NSX made its first appearance in November, with guest driver Vicki Butler Henderson behind the wheel. John Danby, Chief Engineer of John Danby Racing, comments: "The NSX has been an exciting development programme for us. We were encouraged by Vicki's success at Brands Hatch, bringing the car home 2nd in class in the 90min race. John Danby Racing will continue development of the car over the winter, and the team is looking forward to a successful 2010 season."

Honda NSX John Danby Racing, 1 of 2
Honda NSX John Danby Racing, 2 of 2