Life Ball MINI 2008 by Agent Provocateur prepares to land in Vienna. First public appearance on 17 May on the red carpet outside Vienna's City Hall.

Munich / Vienna. "Landing on planet Life Ball" - on the evening of 17 May 2008, Life Ball will be inviting guests on a trip through time in which bridges will be built to supposedly alien cultural universes which actually exist next to each other and the infinite opportunities of social coexistence energetically highlighted. In line with these concepts, the Agent Provocateur lingerie label has designed the Life Ball MINI 2008. The new MINI Cooper Clubman has been selected as the basis for this exclusive, unique design. Agent Provocateur, founded by Serena Rees and her husband Joseph Corre, son of fashion creator Vivienne Westwood, is famous for its wickedly burlesque collections.

"It has been a lot of fun to lend our unique brand identity to the MINI Clubman. The new shape is reminiscent of the old English Mini police van that we were immediately inspired to create an Agent Provocateur styled interior that you really would want to get banged up in! A classic yet suped up exterior in Agent Provocateur signature pink and black colours complete with pink flashing light and inside.....the most seductive prison cell with hand to wall cuffs and blacked out windows and iron bars!

Ever mindful that the long arm of the law needs ample space when interrogating a captive prisoner, we have supplied our Agent Provocateur police car with fully reclining rear seats and ankle cuffs for forensic investigation. With saddle stitched leather seat and bespoke compartments for the note pad and pen, the Agent Provocateur MINI police van is the perfect patrol car for checking the offending publics undercover credentials wouldn't you say…"says Joseph Corre.

Life ball MINI 2008, 1 of 7
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At the first public appearance of the MINI by Agent Provocateur, Joseph Corre, the create of the unique design, will be behind the steering wheel himself - along with a "breath-taking" passenger, of course - and will drive the MINI across the red carpet outside Vienna's City Hall for the start of the Life Ball Opening Show.

After the Life Ball, the unique MINI will be auctioned worldwide on eBay ( from 5-15 June. The proceeds will be donated to Life Ball, as they are every years. So far, the "Life Ball MINIs" - transformed by such famous fashion icons as Missoni, Ferré and Versace - have raised a total of € 260,000.