Are you a car enthusiast? Are you interested in finding out more about the best cars ever made by Lincoln? Keep reading below! 

Over more than a century, Lincoln has designed many excellent cars that are worth remembering. It all started in 1917 when Henry M. Leland started Lincoln automotive manufacturing company after having disputes with Cadillac and leaving the company.

In the beginning, Leland hit bankruptcy before he could even start to produce Lincoln cars. Yet, a $10-million contract has helped him pursue his entrepreneurial dream and brought Ford Motor Company a new division. Lincoln automotive manufacturing company became a division of Ford Motor Company, originally produced and sold among the top luxury brand in the US, and later to be exported and sold worldwide.

Here are the best cars ever produced by Lincoln that will make you want to look for car dealers ofallon mo to buy a Lincoln vehicle for yourself as well.

1927 Lincoln L Series

The L Series vehicles were the start of Lincoln company. First introduced in 1920, this Series was designed as a direct competitor to the most luxury cars at that time, such as Mercedes-Benz 630, Cadillac Type 61, and Rolls-Royce Phantom. In 1928, the company introduced a larger V8 engine, which could generate 90hp to the model released that year.

1927 Lincoln Model L Coupe Roadster

This car was the statement of the company‘s commitment to producing luxury cars. The Lincoln Model L Coupe released in 1927 included a V8 engine, an elegant vinyl top colored black, plus running boards and fenders. What's more, this model also featured a matching interior for two passengers. This vehicle model is considered a full classic car even today, according to the Classic Car Club of America.

1931 Lincoln K-Series

Designed by Edsel Ford and E.T. Gregorie, the K Series from Lincoln was the second one introduced by the company and came with lots of big changes, including the wheelbase length and a V12 engine combined with lower hoods and roofs. The Lincoln K-Series car was still very similar to earlier models released by the brand, but it also had a more modern look. This vehicle model carried many presidents and celebrities of that time.

1936 Lincoln-Zephyr

Launched by Lincoln in late 1935, the Zephyr model was defined by how modern it is for that time. It featured a windscreen that was low-raked, fenders, and an innovative aerodynamic design, which is why the car got its "zephyr," which comes from the Greek goddess of the west wind. This classic vehicle model was designed to compete with Cadillac LaSalle and the Packard One-Twenty. What's more, it was also compared with the Chrysler models that were slow-selling.

 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

This model is Lincoln's one of the first postwar models. For this vehicle, Ford replaced the old 292 cubic inch V12 with a new V8, which produced 1552 hp from 336,7 cubic inches. The Cosmopolitan model featured an automatic transmission, but this feature was optional for an extra cost. The automatic transmission used in this model was taken from archrival GM because Ford was not able to develop an automatic transmission on its own at that time.

 1961 Lincoln Continental

In 1961, Lincoln released the Continental model, which was adapted for a smaller exterior footprint. The company experienced a decrease in sales at that time, which made the company streamline the production of only four-door body styles. This Continental model became the only mass-produced four-door vehicle car enthusiasts could buy in North America. With this vehicle's design, Lincoln also wanted to maximize the rear-seat available space, which made the manufacture return to the use of rear suicide doors.

1984 Lincoln Continental Mark VII

The Continental Mark VII model represented a significant shift in the equipped modifications on a sedan model. The vehicle included many new features like air suspension that featured automatic level control, suspension damping that was gas-pressurized, and rack and pinion steering. What's more, this model also came with a new V8 engine with electronic fuel injection. All these features were really innovative for that time and were all included in the Continental Mark VII model launched by Lincoln in 1984.

1998 Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln's Town Car model, released in 1998, was a significantly bigger car compared to all models released by the brand in the past. The model featured tons of room in the car, particularly for the front passengers, and a lot of legroom for rear passengers. The car was equipped with the newest features of that time, including a Ford 4,6 liter V8.

2010 Lincoln MKT

Some may not consider the MKT model a modern, edgy SUV if they look at the vehicle from outside. Yet, if you'd take this car for a test drive and take a closer look inside, you'll likely change your opinion about the MKT model. The 2010 model came with so many new and innovative features, including three rows of seating and doors and windows that were acoustically treated, and a cabin that is really comfortable to drive in. Although the model has a significantly larger size that most models released by Lincoln, handling the 2010 MKT is really easy thanks to its electric-powered steering.

2017 Lincoln MKZ

Over the last decade, brands like Lincoln, that were focusing on producing luxury cars, could find it difficult to compete with affordable and efficient European and Japanese luxury sedans. So, it comes as no surprise that Lincoln turned a page in the brand's history, and in 2017 it switched from the approach of American-Luxury-first to designing and releasing the first model to compete on the entry-level sedan market.