Michelin is to become the exclusive tyre partner to A1GP World Cup of Motorsport starting with the 2008/09 season. The French company which has a vast motorsport heritage has signed a three year deal to provide tyres for the new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car.

Michelin tyre technicians have been working hard with the A1GP technical personnel to provide the best possible rubber for the series. Since the Powered by Ferrari car had its first run in Fiorano in late May it has been using the company's tyres and has clocked up over 4,000 kilometres on tracks in Italy and Spain.

Feedback from testing, during which A1GP has been able to tap into the vast experience of Andrea Bertolini, Patrick Friesacher and Marc Gene, has been very positive. All drivers commented on the tyres' consistency and that they were able to feel the difference between the various sets.

Michelin's involvement in motor racing has always been the result of a careful mixture of passion and reason for numerous decades. A commitment always combined with full responsibility for the design, manufacture and use of products during a competition, as well as the spirit of co-operation with their partners. The tyres' technological development therefore results from close co-operation between A1GP and Michelin engineers.

The tyre design stems from Formula One technologies seeking to offer both optimal performance and safety to the driver. Full rubber serration tests were performed on various tracks including Fiorano, Imola, Jerez and Mugello resulting in the best possible compromise between grip, endurance and wear.

Michelin will be present in the paddock to guarantee high-quality service throughout the season. The use of this high-technology product by all A1GP teams shall be supervised under the watchful and expert eye of a skilled Michelin technician.

A1GP General Manager, Technical and Operations, John Wickham: "We are very pleased to be working with Michelin for the next three seasons. Michelin has a vast amount of experience in motorsport and will enhance the competitive nature of our series. We commenced the test programme at the beginning of June and have now specified the most suitable tyre compound and construction for our new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car. "

Also giving specific information on the tyres used, Wickham continued: "We have run 29 sets of slick tyres and three sets of wets so far. There are small differences between the spec of the slicks, about 50% are ‘control' spec so 15 or so ‘test' sets."

Michelin Group Motorsport Director, Frédéric Henry-Biabaud: "Michelin is extremely honoured to be associated with the fast-growing A1GP series and is looking forward to playing a part in the championship's expansion.

"The championship organiser has decided to produce a new Powered by Ferrari single-seater and Michelin was active in this car's development from the outset. This close collaboration underpins Michelin's image as a truly dependable technical partner.

"This association with such prestigious partners represents a genuine challenge and it is Michelin's experience of advanced technology single-seater racing tyres that has enabled it to rise so successfully to the occasion."