Microsoft and Renault teaming up on website development

On 24 May 2008, the Laguna Coupe' microsite ( became the first carmaker's vehicle revelation site to harness second-generation Silverlight technology with Deep Zoom feature: revolutionary technology achieving unprecedented detail. "Renault Laguna Coupe' is an exceptional car with a timeless design that holds immense appeal to car enthusiasts. Consistent with their appreciation for superb automotive design, Renault decided to use a web technology that would offer a fitting showcase for Laguna Coupe' enabling site visitors to wwwire the car in great detail," explains Stephen Norman, Renault Group Global Marketing Director.

Microsite developed with Tequilarapido
The ambitious communications plan for launch of Renault Laguna Coupe' includes a web system designed by the Tequilarapido agency, along with many other features in the run-up to sales release scheduled for October 2008.

"The creative environment for the Renault Laguna Coupe' site was put together with extensive input from artists, interactive designers and experienced bloggers, to achieve an emphasis on immersion, pure motoring pleasure and innovation. It has been a real pleasure and a rare inspiration to work on revelation of such an exceptional car," said Toufik Lerari, CEO of the Tequilarapido interactive agency.

Renault Laguna Coupe

Latest-generation multimedia web technology
"On this innovative partnership with Renault, we worked together to explore how new web technologies could revolutionise the customer's virtual interaction with the new Laguna Coupe'," notes Marc Jalabert, director of the Platform & Ecosystem Division, Microsoft France.

Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 (available as a free download) is a latest-generation multimedia web technology used by the site to deliver an exceptional user experience including videos of very high quality. The Silverlight Deep Zoom feature offers visitors an unparalleled experience, including very-high-definition photos of Renault Laguna Coupe', with capabilities for zooming in to details with no impact on image download speed.

  • Renault is teaming up with Microsoft for its Renault Laguna Coupe' microsite, on a world premie`re partnership mediated by the Tequilarapido agency.
  • This unique partnership involves use of second-generation Silverlight technology with Deep Zoom feature.