Motorbike Insurance is unlike many other forms of insurance in the fact that the policy holder has a host of specialised needs. There are an abundance of different types of bike, varying radically from one to the next; Vintages, Scooters, Sports Bikes, and Cruisers to name but a few. Some companies are geared to meeting the needs of this highly specialised and diverse market – Carole Nash falls firmly into this category.

Other less specialised companies may overcharge or fail to give the levels of unique cover needed by the motorcyclist. Carole Nash bike Insurance can draw on its 25 years of service in the Motorbike Insurance market to tailor policies towards the needs of the individual consumer.

From simple things like covering your helmet, leathers and keys, to more major features like EU wide breakdown cover, and personal accident cover, their policies are geared towards your needs.

Drivers with convictions face particular discrimination due to past discrepancies. Carole Nash Motorbike Insurance promises competitive rates for this section of the market. With many drivers now being criminalised for speeding and other traffic offences, the need for insurers who won't transfer too much of the financial burden back on the policy holder is great.

Carole Nash also offers specialised Motorbike Insurance to female drivers, who are statistically less likely to have a crash. Whether it's because there are proportionally less women on the road, or because women exercise more caution is up for debate, but the fact remains that they lie in a lower risk category and so Carole Nash is willing to reward them with some of their most competitive rates.

Carole Nash Motorbike Insurance has built a renowned reputation amongst bikers as a reliably cheap insurer, and for this reason is many bikers' first stop when it comes to cheap comprehensive cover. They have a UK based call centre and a free telephone number alongside a user friendly website giving a far more personal edge to their service.