New Dash Cam Smart Tech Gives Drivers a Renewed View of Collisions

Vehicular accidents happen every day in the U.S. Some of them are merely annoying fender benders while others can cause serious injury that can keep you laid up for weeks or even months. Bad accidents plague both the average everyday driver and commercial truck/van drivers as well. If you are injured you need to heal as quickly as possible. That's where a reputable chiropractic practice can come in very handy.

The professionals at County Line Chiropractic Medical and Rehab Centers, a Fort Lauderdale car accident clinic, say if you're the victim of a serious collision, chiropractic care combined with massage therapy might just be the key to a speedy recovery. Massage therapy can, in fact, increase the effectiveness of a chiropractic adjustment while prolonging its effects. This can assist with your overall treatment and physical rehab program for such issues as lower back pain, bursitis, arthritis, and more.  

But what's being done to prevent violent collisions in the first place? What sort of new high-tech engineering is being developed to help everyday drivers and commercial drivers from getting into serious collisions that put them out of work for months?

According to a new report, the digital tech company SmartWitness which has recently acquired Sensata Technologies is said to be introducing a "modular flexibility to video telematics" in the form of a new KP2 dashcam.

This new dash cam is a compact, road-facing camera that contains a simple, snap-on driver-facing function that can enable everyday drivers or even entire trucking fleets to utilize diver-facing video at any time, under any condition. It also does not require any additional wiring changes or installation time which translates into zero downtime when it comes to commercial trucking fleets and their narrow bottom lines.

The KP2 is said to include a real-time automatic driver assist system or ADAS along with driver state monitoring or DSM that's engineered specifically for accident prevention in real-time. The new cam comes with cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) event analysis software that is designed to lessen or even eliminate the time wasted in reviewing false alerts of dangerous and/or risky driving behavior.  

For Commercial Drivers

KP2's new modular engineering is said to offer a simple upgrade for commercial fleets that are in need of front-view video documentation and data collection should a bad accident occur on a major interstate or city street. However, the system is not yet ready to record the driving behavior inside the van or truck's cab. But this functionality is said to be coming later in the year.   

But the camera can be bought as a road-facing video recording solution with or without the driver-facing operability. The one inch by one inch KP2 snap-on driver facing module system can be installed literally in seconds, which eliminates the need to change out the entire system with a brand new one. This saves time and money.

In fact, the KP2 can be installed within 15 minutes or less by a professional installer or technician. This saves on the cash that might be spent on more complicated installs. More precisely, the base unit can be attached to the windshield-mounted bracket. It uses auto-calibration and a mobile app for its digital setup. It also connects to the truck or van's OBDII port.

For heavy-duty trucks, semis, and 18-wheelers, a separate version that contains a J-1929 connection is scheduled for release later in 2022. This driver-facing module can be installed utilizing "plug-and-play ease." If it requires repair for any reason, the entire device can be easily detached from the window bracket without having to remove or disconnect any wiring.

For All Drivers

For everyday, commercial, and law enforcement drivers, the KP2 will offer a choice of ADAS collision avoidance and DSM interior or "in-cab" driver behavior detection features that will spit out alerts to assist in accident prevention. ADAS collision avoidance functionality includes real-time data on tailgating, solid lane departure, forward collision, and even pedestrian alerts.

DSM functions include a driver-facing camera that can alert the driver if he or she is distracted, fatigued, and/or using their cell phone for talking or texting. These real-time alerts are delivered in the form of audio beeps, chimes, or even a natural sounding AI derived voice. 

All KP2 systems will include cloud-based AI driving event software which was created to reduce false reports of poor driving behavior. It also takes into consideration "contextual factors" such as bad weather to the video and data that's captured by the cameras.

This type of system functionality is said to dramatically reduce conflict with drivers who are stopped and/or flagged for safety and law-breaking violations.