Rolls-Royce today celebrated a milestone as its new gas turbine went into operation on a U.S. Navy warship for the first time.
Two MT30s, the most powerful marine gas turbines currently available in the world, completed a successful "light off" on board the U.S. Navy's first Littoral Combat Ship, Freedom (LCS 1).

The event marks another successful testing milestone for Freedom, which was designed and is being built by a Lockheed Martin-led team, as the ship prepares for sea trials.

John Paterson, Rolls-Royce President – Marine, said: "The light off of the MT30 gas turbines is another significant success for both the Lockheed Martin team and the U.S. Navy. The power we provide will enable the Navy to benefit from the speed and agility of Freedom which will be a key element of her close-to-shore operational role."

Following further dockside tests at Marinette Marine shipyard, sea trials will take place later this Spring. Freedom - 377 ft. long and capable of sprint speeds of over 40 knots - will then be delivered to the U.S. Navy later this year.

In addition to Lockheed Martin's LCS, four of the gas turbines have also been selected to power the first two U.S. Navy DDG-1000 destroyers. One MT30 is continuing successful test runs at a U.S. Navy facility in Philadelphia, PA.

The MT30 is part of the Rolls-Royce Trent family of engines which power commercial airliners.