Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., has been endorsed as an ‘Eco First' company by Japan's Ministry of Environment for its environmental commitments set out under the Nissan Green Program 2010. The official certification will be awarded to Nissan by the Minister of Environment, Ichiro Kamoshita, at a ceremony to be held at the Ministry of Environment on July 1.

Established under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment in April 2008, the ECO First program serves to recognize and promote the environmental actions of companies that are compliant with the Kyoto Protocol.

Consistent to NGP 2010, Nissan has pledged the following Eco First commitments:

1. Reduce CO2 emissions
2. Reducing other emissions to protect water, air and soil resources
3. Recycling resources to achieve 100% rate of resource recovery in Japan
4. Reducing the impact of harmful substances from its business operations and contribute to raise environmental awareness within the community.

Nissan will systematically report on the progress of its environmental commitments to the Ministry of Environment.

With this endorsement, Nissan is allowed to use the Eco First logo in its communications to promote greater environmental awareness amongst the public.