Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia will present the "NISSAN TECHNOLOGY SQUARE" event at the Kelapa Gading Mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. The public automotive technologies showcase opens today and runs through August 25.

Indonesia is the second market where we hold this event. After completing its run in Indonesia, the Nissan Technology Square will visit several cities in multiple markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and India, etc.

At the Nissan Technology Square, Nissan will showcase how the company's automotive technologies address the environment, safety and innovation. Visitors can experience examples of Nissan's innovation and the future of automobiles through the exhibition, interactive displays and demonstrations.

Nissan chose PIVO2, an environmentally focused, electric urban commuter, as a key communications character for the event. First presented as one of the key concept vehicles at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, the vehicle embodies "friendly innovation" to create a new car-driver relationship. As such, PIVO2 serves as an ideal focal point for the Nissan Technology Square, where a quarter scale model of the vehicle will be displayed.

"All of our technologies promise consumers the pleasure of driving based on trust in our environmental, safety and quality technologies — what we call "Trusted Driving Pleasure," said Mitsuhiko Yamashita, Nissan Executive Vice President. "We hope to deliver our passion for products through the real-world technologies and innovations we build into every Nissan vehicle."

As part of Nissan's commitment to supporting education, the event will be held in collaboration with local schools. Hideyuki Sakamoto, Nissan Corporate Vice President, will visit and talk with students about automotive technology, Nissan's technical development activities and the latest technologies.

The Nissan Technology Square is part of the company's ongoing communications outreach across Asia, which started with the successful Design Forum in 2007.