2019-Lawyers-910There's no denying that being involved in even the most minor collision can be an extremely stressful situation. Furthermore, if the responsible party was driving a bus, truck, or other large road vehicles, the damages to your vehicle and your health may be severe. While contacting expert Phoenix bus accident lawyers is recommended, you will need to remain calm and handle the immediate situation in the following manner.

Do No Leave The Accident Scene

You may feel tempted to leave the accident scene after being involved in a collision due to the severe stress of the situation, although this is one of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly make. Rather than act on your instincts to return to the comfort of your home, you should remain at the scene of the accident without moving your vehicle until the authorities have arrived. In the event that you leave the accident scene, you will immediately be considered the guilty party and held liable for the damages according to the road laws. It is best to contact the local police immediately and await their arrival.

Check Drivers And Passengers

You should avoid checking the damages to your vehicle as this may increase your stress and anxiety substantially, especially if you are driving a new or leased vehicle. Rather than concern for the extreme damages that the responsible party has caused, you should remain as calm as possible and check on all the passengers and drivers to ensure no one has been injured. In the event that an individual has been injured during the collision, you should immediately contact an ambulance regardless of how minor the injury may seem. This is because injuries such as internal bleeding and whiplash may not show symptoms immediately.

Photograph The Scene

Once you have ensured that the driver and all passengers are not injured, you should protect your best interests by photographing the accident scene. Even if the authorities have arrived at this point, it would still be wise to gather as much evidence about the accident as possible as this will protect you legally when seeking compensation from the responsible party as well as your insurance company. You may feel compelled to trust that the police report will be enough evidence to grant you compensation, although the more evidence you have documented, the stronger your case will be.

The Crucial Importance Of An Expert Lawyer

Even though you are not responsible for the accident, it would be best to opt for legal representation to protect your best interests. Regardless of your innocence, the responsible party will most likely opt for legal representation, which means you may not be able to claim compensation in a court of law as a result of your own lack of legal knowledge. Expert lawyers that are skilled at handling bus accidents and accidents with other types of large road vehicles will be able to insist the responsible party is liable for all the damages that resulted from negligence.