RaceME Ultra Tuner is a quick and easy to install tuner for your RAM truck 2500/3500 (2007–2018). It is mainly there to deliver you easy power gains along with getting rid of emission control devices such as EGR or DPF. Thanks to our fellows at RaceME because they did a great job with this tool!


Installing a RaceME Ultra in your RAM truck is as easy as hooking up the thing with your OBD2 port under your steering wheel and passing through a few wires to the engine to attach.


The little tuner is a plug and play device, that can provide substantial gains for your vehicle in terms of power, transmission, and engine life. It also helps with the conventional error codes and some other user-comfort features as well.

1.    Power Gains

It can provide power gains in 5 stages for every kind of customer. The final stage can provide up to 200 bhp of power increment, which makes for a considerable change in the driving experience

2.    Mileage Increase

The device can also assist the truck to provide better mileage than the stock setting at lower power gain stages, set according to the user's preference.

3.    Transmission Tuning

It also allows transmission tunning and presets for providing a better than OEM experience. It can adjust the gear shifting rpm, shift firmness and other parameters to provide the best experience to its user, along with ensuring transmissions safety and an easy-to-use UI.

4.    Getting Rid of emission control Devices

The RaceMe Ultra Tuner also allows the user to completely delete EGR, DEF and DPF from the truck. It results in a soot free engine and intake. Also removing the DEF system also results in no further DEF refills. Removing the DPF completely along with the hardware also allows the user to get a better, unrestricted exhaust sound off the truck exhaust. It is strictly recommended to only remove these emission control devices for off road or racing purposes only.

5.    Realtime Stats Monitoring

It can display multiple performance parameters on to display, which can be adjusted according to the driver's preference. It helps the user to cross check if the tune has installed successfully and to diagnose if any parameter is off the track.

6.    Adjusting Speed Limiter

Top speed of the car is limited 100mph/ 160kmph out of the factory. With the tuner you can easily bypass the limit to set a new preferable limit or even remove it. It is preferred to check your tires speed ratings before doing such a thing.

7.    Tire Pressure Threshold Adjuster

The device also allows the user to adjust the minimum pressure limit preset by the OEM to whatever level he prefers. It will get rid of the low tire pressure warning at lower than OEM recommended pressures.


All in all, it is a great investment and a treat for your RAM truck. You can tune multiple truck (up to 04) with the help of the tuner just by purchasing additional licenses. The thing that really makes this device stand out of its competition are its effective tunes, frequent updates, and responsive customer support services.