Car breakdowns are an inconvenience for not only individuals but also businesses. For a business, a lack of a vehicle breakdown can have far-reaching consequences. Whether you are entity dealing in deliveries, a caregiver offering services to the seniors, or a salesperson shuttling between potential clients and your stores, vehicles can prove extremely essential than just moving from one point to the next. Since vehicles are an extension to your workplace, a slight breakdown that takes you off the road can mean lost incomes, low staff productivity, damaged reputation for businesses, redundancy for drivers, and security risks.

According to the NRMA, more than 1.2 million distress calls from drivers were answered, an indication that roughly 3,287 calls were attended daily while 60,000 of the calls were from businesses. The most common problems reported by drivers on the road include flat tires, flat batteries, electrical faults, locked doors, and more.

While keeping your vehicle well maintained can prevent some of the planned breakdowns, unexpected ones can be extremely difficult to anticipate. In this case, taking an auto insurance protection can go a long way to not only guarantee repairs but also eliminate the worries while on the road. To help cushion you against the risks such as the ones mentioned earlier in the likely even you experience a breakdown, you need to take auto protection with Veritas Global Protection.

How Can Veritas Global Protection Help?

Taking an auto insurance coverage for your car or fleet of cars is the only way you can be guaranteed of low or completely no out-of-pocket expenses, roadside assistance. With roadside assistance, you can be assured of prompt help while on the road whenever you need it. An auto protection plan refers to a service and maintenance contract designed to help owners of cars to handle mechanical breakdowns and associated repair costs. Whether you have an old or new vehicle, you expect to expect unexpected repairs, and by taking a vehicle protection plan, you will save lots of money by claiming the repair expenses from your carrier.

It doesn't matter whether you have an existing warranty, you still can add the auto protection plan since a standard warranty does not cover a variety of repairs. However, for you to be assured of the best auto protection plan, you need to work with a reputed company such as Veritas Global Protection or its peers in the industry. Perhaps the most thought about aspect when it comes to auto protection is the price of the plan. Ordinarily, unexpected repair costs of a new or used car can range anywhere between $500 and $5,000 annually. However, a standard vehicle plan will cost a car owner from $750 to $1000. While these figures may seem high, drivers or vehicle owners get financial freedom and protection against unexpected repairs.

Veritas Global Protection Plans are designed to effectively deliver peace of mind. As an A-rated auto protection firm that has earned numerous awards both locally and globally, Veritas Global Protection of Florida is properly equipped to offer service contracts featuring a range of extensive guarantees to dealers as well as individual vehicle owners across the world. The company's auto protection plans feature coverage for not only engine malfunctions but also all manner of maintenance.

No matter the kind of car you drive (electric, luxury vehicles, trucks, or RVs, Veritas got you covered. Some of the available plans include Veritas Select Plans, Veritas essentials Plans, Veritas Electric Plans, Veritas Simplicity Plans, and Exotic Plans. Each of these plans offers unique auto protection to one or ten-year cars and is available to both independent car dealers and franchises dealing in the sale of new and used cars. Besides, the auto protection plans come with additional services, such as roadside assistance, reimbursing, travel expenses, car rentals, and towing options to help you continue with your operations while your vehicle is still under repair.

Veritas Global Protection ensures that all its plans are as transparent, responsive, and innovative as possible. They work with their clients and experienced technicians to deliver progressive car protection solutions next to you. By holding a contract with Veritas Global Protection of Florida, you rest assured that all is well knowing that in case of anything wrong happening you are covered. Unlike other companies that carry a limited range of plans, Veritas does not restrict you to just one plan, there are numerous options depending on the condition of your car and what protection needs you to have.

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