2021-Mercedes-Benz-910Expensive. It's the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the iconic name, Mercedes- Benz. But according to many auto experts, owning a high-performance dream car like a Mercedes is such a unique and fulfilling experience, that you really can't put a price tag on it. The company stands for performance, elegance in design, and unmatched style.

That said, if you proudly own a Mercedes-Benz, you see right away that the car key if different from most other automobiles. That's because it comes equipped with improved security systems for the overall safety of the car. Even the key contains security features.But along with the good comes the bad. If you should happen to lose the key, it can cost a lot of money to replace it.

Or does it?

Fact is, you don't always have to pay a lot of money for a new key, just because it's for your Mercedes-Benz. Simply Google "Mercedes key replacement cheap," and you'll find at least several options at your disposal for replacing your key without breaking the bank. Says Carcareportal.com, it's inevitable that some Mercedes owners are going to lose their key. They might lose them or even damage them to the point where the key can no longer be used.

Fortunately, your Google search will prove that there is more than one way to get a replacement key, cheaply and quickly. One of the best ways is to simply go to Amazon. Over the past several years and especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon has expanded its customer base to the point where there is almost nothing they don't sell online, including car parts.

Just go to Amazon's "My Garage" section and you're likely to find a replacement key for your Mercedes Benz there.Keep in mind, the key will have to be coded for your car once it arrives. You can accomplish this either yourself or by having your dealer do it on your behalf.

Asecond method for replacing the key to your Mercedes-Benz is to call a local locksmith, or a locksmith that specializes in replacing Mercedes key replacement. The locksmith will not only cut the key for you but code it also. If you've happened to lose every key to your car, don't fret.The locksmith company is more than likely to be fully mobile, meaning they will come to your home to work the problem. A locksmith specializing in Mercedes keys should have you up and running in a matter of several hours at most.

A third way to get your Mercedes back on the road after losing or damaging your key to attempt coding a spare key on your own. Once a spare key from Amazon arrives, you will be required to code it according to your car's specifications. But you need to understand entirely the technicalities behind the car coding program. Carcareportal.com states that the Mercedes electronic keys are much more complicated to program than similar keysbelonging to other vehicle brands, due to their unique safety features.

The following programming points are important to keep in mind prior to attempting coding your new replacement key. It's only possible for you to program the older model "Flip" Mercedes-Benz keys on your own, while the more contemporary "Smart" keys must be coded by the dealer and/or an expert locksmith specializing in Mercedes key replacement. Keys that are utilized as replacements are considered by Mercedes to be spare keys only.This means you can only create and program a spare key, not recreate an original.

Why is this important?

The Mercedes company has made certain that once a spare key has been programmed, it can never be reprogramed for another car. However, you can reprogram the spare key for the car it is intended, as many times as you need and/or until you finally get it right.It's impossible to program a replacement "smart" master key all by yourself, which means you need to contact a specialized locksmith.

If for some reason you cannot locate a specialized Mercedes locksmith, you have no choice but to contact a dealership for a new key. It will not be nearly as inexpensive as working with a locksmith, but you will have at least received a secure key.

In the end, if you can avoid paying the high prices a dealership demands, then you will have accomplished the goals you set out to achieve. That is, securing a new key for your Mercedes-Benz and doing so inexpensively.