When we a buy either a new or a used car, in Newcastle or elsewhere there are some jobs that we need to leave to the garage, and other things that we can service and maintain on our own. Everybody is now tutored in some basic forms of car maintenance; we need to be able to check the oil, locate fluid levels on brakes, engine coolant and windscreen wash, and know how much tread we should have on our tyres.

These questions have recently become part of the standard driving test in order to give the new motorist some form of practical grounding in very basic car mechanics. The more you know - in terms of the basic mechanics of your car - the better and more confident driver you will be. Surveys have shown that the amount of education drivers are given in their licensing test correlates directly to the number of road traffic accidents occurring in that respective country.

In recent years countries like Sweden have exhibited the lowest recorded fatalities, due to their stringent, year long driver education regimes. It may surprise many to find that a country like the USA exhibits some of the worst figures in the developed world with 12.3 deaths per hundred thousand; that is with the benefit of relatively low speed limits and sophisticated cars.

Countries clearly try to balance the right to drive a vehicle against the necessity of being safe, with countries like the USA seeming to veer too far towards treating a licence as a basic entitlement. In the UK the death rate is fairly low, especially considering the congested nature of our roads with 3.59 fatalities per 100,000 inhabitants – which is still a figure that should strike fear and added into the hearts of every road user.

You can choose to arm yourself with an even deeper knowledge of car maintenance after you've taken your driving test. Driving is about constantly learning and the more you know about maintenance and mechanics, the better you will understand the driving dynamics of your car. If you have been in a car accident in Newcastle and you want to talk to one of the law firms in Newcastle.