2019-Nissan-Sentra-910Many would say that acquiring a driver's license is the modern man's rite of passage. Getting a good set of wheels to back that license would be the next step. But when you're someone who has never owned a car before, it can be daunting. Picking a car is not just falling in love with the way it looks. Owning a car is more complicated than one may think. If you have the budget for the vehicle that you want, you can either get the best in the market that you can afford, either brand new or a used model. But what kind of vehicle do you need? If you want the sturdy kind with spaces for the engine, passengers, and for hauling things you need, a sedan is right for you.

While there are many brands out there, a Nissan Sentra may also be what you may need. It is an excellent choice to own as your first car. Nissan is a well known Japanese brand that exceeds expectations with its smooth performance and quality interior features. You're going to want a Nissan Sentra to fill in the blanks of what you want in a car. To get more information on this brand, click here. What you need now is to think about the right kind of Nissan Sentra for your needs.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra sedan has a spacious interior that you'll be wanting if you have a family or like merely taking friends along for a drive. The storage for cargo is also one of the benefits of the Nissan Sentra if you travel a lot with luggage in tow. But before you decide to get one, know that there are many types of Nissan Sentra that you'll have to choose from with other factors in mind.

Key Factors

  • New VS Old Model

It comes down to your taste. Do you prefer the latest models, or are you down with the traditional ones? The older models still contain their charm, and some drivers find the older designs more to their liking as well as the raw power they display when it comes to navigating any surface. Some may prefer the latest amenities that new models have to offer, particularly the safety features. Of course, older drivers who are loyal to the Nissan Sentra line will be able to tell the difference in features and performance, which is why reading reviews are also quite helpful when deciding on this factor.

  • Specifications

The creation of the Nissan Sentra goes back to the year 1992. Since then, the manufacturer has been releasing one model year after year. Up until 2000, the Sentra features a 5-speed manual transmission and four inline cylinders. Onwards from 2001, it is boasting 4-speed settings in auto mode. The 2001 series has the GXE 4dr Sedan with a torque of 129ft-lbs at 2400RPM and a horsepower of 126 at 6000rpm; the CA 4dr with 122ft-lbs at 24000rpm and 122hp at 6000rpm; and the SE-R with 136ft-lbs at 4800rpm and a horsepower of 145 at 6400rpm. The latest 2019 has the SV 4dr (Prod. End 4/19), S 4dr, and SV 4dr all have a torque of 125 ft-lbs at 3600rpm and horsepower at 124 at 6000rpm.

  • Comfort

Nissan Sentra has available seats for five people at the most. Do you have a more prominent family to transport, or do you have a larger group of people you like to take along with you? The cabin is spacious, but taller individuals may find it a bit smaller for them, and the question of having enough leg room may be brought about. Still, for those who are not too tall, the Nissan Sentra can be proud of comfy leather seats, although other car brands may be able to offer more backseat space.

  • New Or Used

In this case, it is a question of budgeting and if you will be keeping this vehicle in the long run or only as a temporary transport. Most families are more likely to settle with a car that is easily maintainable, new, or not. If you're a bachelor, depending on your priorities, a used Nissan Sentra may still suffice as long as it is still in good working order and won't be putting your life in danger.

  • Pricing

Nissan Sentra prices are ranging between $12,000 to $26,000 depending on the model. It will also depend on the dealers you may find in your area. The most important thing is to acquire the model you need in the best condition for the price you can afford. Always, it is not just your safety but also the security of your passengers that you must put into priority. The right car dealership will lay down all their cards and present you with a vehicle that won't cost them their reputation.


Read various reviews from useful websites, listen to seasoned drivers, and always put the time and effort to research your options to see if the Nissan Sentra is for you. The brand and models are great for those who only need a stable vehicle that will carry you and your passengers smoothly and quietly to your destination and should not be for aggressive usage.