The innovative and exciting ‘Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge' at the British International Motor Show is already proving hugely popular with show visitors. The Challenge allows members of the public to get behind the wheel of the iconic Mazda MX-5 sports car and all-new Mazda2 3dr supermini, to experience their spirited handling and entertaining drive around a purpose-built track in London's Docklands.

A major success at the 2006 Show, the 2008 Zoom-Zoom Challenge has been expanded to accommodate more than 460 drivers each day, with more cars and more instructors to keep queuing time to a minimum.

The competitor posting the highest score and demonstrating the greatest Zoom-Zoom attitude, throughout the two weeks of the Motor Show (to 3 August) will win a 1.5-litre, 103ps Mazda2 3dr Sport – worth ?11,399 - for 12 months.

Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS, 1 of 5
Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS, 2 of 5
Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS, 3 of 5
Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS, 4 of 5
Mazda Zoom-Zoom Challenge at BIMS, 5 of 5

Competitors race against the clock in a technically demanding driving challenge around a specially-constructed test track as they strive to achieve the fastest lap time. Professional racing drivers will take each participant around the track for a practice lap followed by two timed laps in both Mazda cars.

"The Zoom-Zoom Challenge is not just about speed," comments Neil Brogden, Mazda's driving expert. "We rate competitors for demonstrating five key attributes of expert driving – steering precision, throttle control, mechanical sympathy, track positioning and Zoom-Zoom attitude. We are also looking for smoothness and a receptive attitude to instruction, while having fun at the wheel."

Earlier this year, the new five-door Mazda2 was named 2008 World Car of the Year. Mazda2 reversed the trend of new cars gaining weight as it shed 100kg compared to its predecessor, allowing the car to challenge the best in its class for fuel economy, low CO2 emissions and handling agility.

Thanks to its lightweight body, the impressive handling of the new Mazda2 is a key element of the experience for visitors driving on the tight track at the Motor Show. The demanding circuit also allows visitors to experience the rewarding handling of the Mazda MX-5 sports car in a safe but fun environment.

"As well as attracting competitors in huge numbers, the Zoom-Zoom Challenge is sparking a lot of interest in Mazda's display in the South Hall and in its broad range of cars," added Mark Cameron, marketing director for Mazda UK. "The number of follow-up enquiries is already tracking above the 2006 result at this stage."