IBZ Concept is the name of SEAT's star for the 63rd Frankfurt Motor show. The new SEAT IBZ Concept is family-orientated vehicle, which will be available in the showrooms across Europe towards the middle of next year.

The new IBZ Concept is a true representative of SEAT's new design cues, young, design-driven and sporty. The sharply designed concept yet offers a high level of comfort and roominess combined with the traditional sports philosophy common to all SEAT models.

The side view of the new SEAT's concept car reveals its sportiness in the best way, attractive five double-spoke 19-inch alloys wrapped in low profile 235/35 tyres.

Although there were no information on the IBZ Concept's powertrain, we think that SEAT is not going to disappoint us in that direction.

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Full Press Release:

NEW SEAT IBIZA CONCEPT IBZ Family-sized concept for the Ibiza range

SEAT is showcasing the stunning IBZ Concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The star of the SEAT stand in Germany previews a new, family-sized version that will make its appearance in showrooms across Europe towards the middle of next year, further increasing the company's B segment line-up in the process.

The IBZ Concept marries flexible and functional packaging within a non-compromised exterior and interior design. It incarnates the brand parameters – young, design-driven and sporty.

Boasting a modern, tensioned silhouette, the IBZ Concept includes numerous distinctive exterior and interior design features, and benefits from cutting-edge technology for a gripping driving experience.

Once again, SEAT Design Director Luc Donckerwolke has applied his pragmatic design vision to create an attractive, yet tremendously functional car where comfort and roominess complement the traditional sports philosophy common to all SEAT models.

The world debut of the bold IBZ Concept is another significant stepping stone on the company's path to extending its range line-up. The challenge it meets is to combine a larger family-sized chassis featuring greater load capacity with the distinct, feisty personality of the Ibiza.

Imposing front view

The front end of the IBZ Concept shows an evolution of SEAT's now trademark Arrow Design. The bonnet features a running edge, splitting the car through its symmetry access, adding precision and sharpness to the known Ibiza face. The tensed eyebrows accentuate the headlights, whose diamond-shaped interior combines LED technology with light guides.

The new centre grille, with honeycomb slats and aluminium surround, is underlined by the same purist, rectangular air vents found on the Ibiza CUPRA. Another development at the front sees the usual arrow shape enhanced by a set of lines parallel to the headlights, finishing at the broad opening beneath the bumper. Two aluminium mouldings in this area round off the front end design.

Styled to stand out, the IBZ Concept boasts an attractive sweep created by the newly designed headlights complete with LED technology. Their pointed tips provide

continuity to the Dynamic Line that brushes over the wings and the middle of the front doors, while their novel interior structure mimics the facets of a diamond. One set generates the main beam, while the smaller LEDs generate the dipped beam. At the same time, a portion of the smaller facets at the top of the cluster serve as daytime driving lights, with the indicator LEDs at the bottom.

A truly sporty family car

This is nothing short of the perfect definition of the IBZ Concept presented by SEAT at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Its new dimensions and design create an ideal synergy between sporting intent, pragmatic functionality and spaciousness required to adapt to any need.

The exterior design of SEAT's prototype is enhanced by its high gloss, eye-catching blue paint colour. After wwwiring the awesome front, take a look at the panoramic sunroof that floods the interior with light.

The LED indicator lights literally stand out, as they are built into the new streamlined door mirrors, each one mounted onto its doors with a pair of arms. The exterior arm which supports the mirror, and the mirror's outer casing are both aluminium to match the other trim elements found on this model.

A side view reveals low profile 235/35 tyres on attractive, five double-spoke 19 inch alloy wheels, each with an embossed ‘S' at the hub. Another tell-tale feature of the IBZ Concept is the León-concept rear passenger door handle, which is neatly integrated into the third side window.

The attention-grabbing new hatch naturally bears the SEAT logo, and when the rear hatch is open, its structure has a loading bay floor that sits flush with the number plate. Meanwhile, the broad rear window provides greater visibility at the rear. An elegant, high-mount roof spoiler houses the third brake light, at the same time underlining the car's sporting intent.

The SEAT logo as usual doubles as the boot handle mechanism, and the prototype is easily identified by the ‘IBZ' initials beneath the logo in the centre of the hatch.

The crisp rear section of the IBZ Concept is further enhanced by the addition of defined ‘shoulders' that house the light clusters. As with the striking headlights, they feature LED technology on a raised surface. From bottom to top, the LEDs create the sidelights, brake, reverse and indicator lights.

The final highlights that round off the view of the rear are a new bumper, which has a built-in number plate, the number plate light at the bottom of the hatch, and split twin tailpipes, which each boast a stylish aluminium bezel.

Where space and style combine

The passenger compartment of the SEAT IBZ Concept offers space and style in equal measure, with fine detailing and functional innovations throughout.

The interior is structured by lightguide strips that run through the dashboard and the doors, integrating the radio/iPhone interface screen and providing atmospheric lighting at the same time.

The light airy tones of the creamy colour "Magnolia" in the interior heighten the feeling of space inside this SEAT. The dashboard features the same colour, and a different texture is provided via the suede-clad soft pads. The instrument binnacle hood, door panels, pillars and ceiling are also finished in suede.

The newly designed seats and integrated headrests are upholstered with a combination of leather and suede in the same colour as the dashboard, with blue stitching to match the body colour.

In trademark sporty SEAT style, the steering wheel on the IBZ Concept is slightly flattened at the base. It is wrapped in leather and suede and has a four-spoke structure with dipped side grips, the SEAT ‘S' in the centre and the letters ‘IBZ' on the lower spoke, and a set of newly designed multi-functional controls on either side.

Naturally, the sporty design of the instrument panel is faithful to the brand's identity. The large dial on the left is the rev counter, with a screen taking up the rest of the space. On the right is an analogue and digital speed display, with the navigation information, trip computer and remaining vehicle controls shown in the middle.

There are four circular air vents on the dashboard encased in aluminium. A special interior design concept features a striking combination of aluminium layered with a glossy black material that make up a line with recessed lighting that extends across the dashboard and continues onto the door panels. The centre houses a screen displaying radio and iPhone functions, and the centre console has a purpose-built iPhone slot.

The centre console also features a stylish climate control system with all the usual functions, the gear stick with a leather gaiter and a panel with buttons to activate the hazard lights, door locks and seat heaters, as well as several storage compartments. Close by is an electronic hand-brake and the central armrest, which is cloth upholstered with a handy storage compartment that can also be removed from the vehicle.

The newly designed door panels on the IBZ Concept echo the style of the dashboard, with the soft pad in suede and an aluminium insert beneath the armrest. The aluminium door handles and speaker frames are also new – the latter with a unique arrangement of square slats.

Practical, capacious boot

Beneath the rear hatch of the new SEAT IBZ Concept lies a spacious boot. Measuring an impressive 410 litres, it can be significantly extended when the rear seats are folded to leave a completely flat cargo space that stretches right to the back of the front seats. The car can be loaded up to the ceiling, either with the rear seats in place or folded down.

The boot's low load height makes it easy to access, allowing heavy or bulky items to be carried simply. It also provides several solutions for keeping objects securely in place, such as side hooks or storage nets on either side of the wheel arches.

Another interesting feature lies beneath the floor of the boot. The second tier under the folding floor serves as a supplementary storage compartment. A cover leads to the spare wheel and tool box, so everything is kept neatly in place.

The detailing in the boot once again shows SEAT's quality workmanship put into practice. The edges of the floor covering are finished with leather, and the soft pads on the side are in cream-coloured suede.

Third member of the Ibiza family

With the Ibiza Concept IBZ, SEAT is offering a preview of the future family-sized version of its most popular model. It will be on the market in 2010, as the company continues its new product offensive which is making the Spanish brand's range the youngest on the market. In the year of the Ibiza's 25th anniversary, the newest addition to the range underlines the car's segment-leading quality, design and workmanship.

The chassis of the new IBZ Concept has the same compact dimensions, with a total length of 4.22 metres and the same height and width as the basic model, although greater access to the rear seats is provided by broader rear doors.

As with the rest of the SEAT range, the sporty, design-driven youthful style of the new IBZ Concept make it perfect for those who value space, practicality, comfort and loads of driving enjoyment.