SEAT dominates the overall standings of the World Touring Car Championship after the victories achieved today at the Mexican racetrack of Puebla, venue of the second WTCC round. Rickard Rydell and Yvan Muller, who share the championship leadership, claimed clear victories today at the wheel of their SEAT León TDIs, withstanding the constant pressure of the BMW drivers Augusto Farfus and Andy Prialux.

Gabriele Tarquini was sixth and eighth, whilst Tiago Monteiro did not manage to score due to an off-track and a puncture. Jordi Gené made it twice to seventh position, despite having a transmission problem halfway the first race. The part was changed between races, but the problem showed up again during the second, hindering Jordi from fighting for his options.

First race:

Although the SEAT drivers had missed the pole position yesterday, today they were able to prove that the competitiveness of the team is still intact, with a dominating Rydell, and Yvan Muller (5th), Gabriele Tarquini (6th) and Jordi Gené (7th) making it to the points.

Rydell had already taken the lead before the end of the first lap, and resisted Farfus' attacks throughout the race. Further in the back, Taquini was hit by Priaulx, and the Briton was able to pass him, as did Yvan Muller, who used the chance to overtake his team mate as well. Jordi Gené made also a great race in which he had to recover after an incident in the first lap sent him back, and was finally able to finish seventh.


Second race:

Jordi Gené took the lead at the start and stayed on top until halfway the race, when he was overtaken by Yvan Muller, while being pursued relentlessly by Andy Priaulx (BMW) who passed Gené in the same turn.

Muller resisted the attacks of his rival until the finish, though not being able to get rid of him and without any help from Rydell, who managed to move up to third and finished right behind Priaulx, but could not to overtake him.  Further in the back, Tarquini hit another driver and went off track, finishing behind Gené, who was not able to follow the pace of the leading drivers in the last few laps.

Main figures

Yvan Muller: "It's been a perfect weekend. We had a difficult qualifying but the team made an excellent job which allowed us to be in great shape. The fourth place of the first race was good, but I did not expect to win the second.  Priaulx had me under constant pressure and I focussed on not making a single mistake. Everything worked perfect."

Rickard Rydell: "I'm really happy with today's results, and not only for me, but for the whole team that has scored valuable points. I think that we made a great job all together, even overcoming the handicap that the BMW were starting from pole in the first race. For me it's been fantastic to step on the podium twice and to have won my first race."


Results Race 1 1. R.Rydell (SEAT León TDI) 2. A.Farfus (BMW) + 1"508 3.. A.Priaulx (BMW) + 1"986 4. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI) + 4"620 6. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI) + 9"473 7. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI) + 19"399 11. T. Monteiro (SEAT León TDI) + 28"400

Race 2 1. Y.Muller (SEAT León TDI) 2. A. Priaulx (BMW) + 0"459 3. R.Rydell (SEAT León TDI) + 1"240 7. J.Gené (SEAT León TDI) + 11"755 8. G.Tarquini (SEAT León TDI) + 12"189 Ab. T. Monteiro (SEAT León TDI)

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SEAT Leon TDI WTCC, 4 of 4