Coinciding with the arrival of dark wintry evenings, Škoda has released pricing for Bi-Xenon headlights and Adaptive Front Light System (AFS) which have recently debuted on the brand new Superb.The front light system, priced at £850 on the S trim, £680 on the SE trim and standard on the top of the range Elegance trim, significantly improves driver visibility and makes the Superb an easier and safer car to drive in the dark. The system also benefits other road users as it limits the dazzling effect of headlights to oncoming traffic.

Bi-Xenon headlights provide a long, bright and well adjusted beam in both low and high mode while the AFS system, unique to Škoda, automatically adjusts the alignment and illumination of the front light beam depending on vehicle speed and weather conditions. The following modes are used while driving:

  • Interurban – default headlight position for speeds between 0 – 9 mph and 31 – 55 mph.
  • Urban – light beam shortens and widens for better illumination of pavements and junctions in built-up areas; active between 9 – 30 mph.
  • Motorway – light beam gradually lengthens and narrows as vehicle speed increases to improve distant vision; light beam lights the lane to the right of the car to facilitate overtaking; active above 56 mph.
  • Cornering lights – headlight geometry changes and light beam illuminates the curve of the road depending on vehicle speed and steering wheel angle (active from 6 mph); activated by indicators, the fog light strengthens and fades during tight cornering, increasing visibility and highlighting hazards and obstacles in the road.
  • Rain function – headlight modules rotate down and light beam shortens to limit the glare from the road; activated by windscreen wipers (after two minutes) at speeds between 0 - 43 mph.
  • Tourist function – using the maxi-dot computer, driver can switch between right hand drive and light hand drive headlamp angle when abroad.

The latest accessory pack from Škoda also includes headlight washers, rain sensors and maxi-dot computer on the Superb S and headlight washers and rain sensors on the Superb SE.

The new Superb, priced from just £15,490, is packed with clever features and smart technology. As well as Bi-Xenon headlights with AFS, standard on Elegance and optional on S and SE, the vehicle features Škoda's unique ‘Twindoor', which turns the car from a hatch to a saloon at the touch of a button, and optional Park Assist, which assists the driver during parallel parking.

Skoda Superb Bi-Xenon, 1 of 5
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Skoda Superb Bi-Xenon, 5 of 5