Whether you own a rare Ferrari or a well-preserved Ford, one of the delights of a classic car is a leather interior. The smell and feel of this natural material greatly enhances the driving experience. However, to preserve the strength, beauty and flexibility of old (and new leather), you must use a product especially designed for the purpose with an excellent reputation. Now, such a product is available in the UK. It's called Smartleather and is in the range of Smartwax cleaners and polishes which are the latest generation of professional grade products designed for DIY use.

• Smartleather is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials to deliver the finest cleaner, conditioner and protection for leather. • Smartleather is non-greasy and extra dry. Once applied, it leaves the surface clean, conditioned and dry to the touch. • Smartleather is formulated with stain repellents and waterproofing agents that aid in the protection of leather.

Other outstanding features of Smartleather include: • pH (acidity/alkalinity) balanced for leather • The natural leather scent • Application is a one-step process • Ultraviolet protection comes as standard

Unlike some other products you could buy, Smartwax cleaners and polishes meet the USA Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) standard so they won't damage your car's paintwork, your health or the environment.

To complement Smartleather and enhance and protect the interior of your car, there's also Smartcarpet, and Smartdressing (for the dashboard, vinyl materials and rubber parts). Smartwax products are available from good car accessory shops or can be purchased online from the website www.smartwax.net. In case of difficulty or for more information, telephone 01920 420868.