2017 Dodge Challenger Test Drive & Review

We test drove the 2017 Dodge Challenger the other day and we weren't surprised at all. Of course we weren't surprised – we knew we wouldn't be disappointed because it was a Dodge. We also knew what to expect from that great muscle car, the Challenger and we got everything we anticipated.

Once you get behind the wheel of a Challenger you start noticing something different even before you start the engine: goose bumps on your arm and the back of your neck. The man at Chrysler of Culpepper where we took the test drive explained that happens so frequently to Challenger drivers.  He said it's a common occurrence and not to worry, which put us at ease. Then he told us, as if reading our minds, that we had always wwwired the Challenger through the years and we nodded and said "Yes." Then the nice man said that we had always secretly wanted the best muscle car on the market but had never even driven one. We couldn't believe this guy, he was a mind reader. We asked him how he knew all of this about perfect strangers and then we asked him if he could tell us what the winning lottery numbers were going to be on Saturday.

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After he stopped laughing he said that he couldn't really read minds – he had just seen a great deal of Challenger buyers and many of them had the same experience that we did. They had always wanted a Challenger but they just felt, for one reason or another that it wasn't for them – until they took a test drive, that is. Once that happened they were hooked and they always rolled off the lot in their new challengers with the biggest smiles he had ever seen.

Well, we took that last part of the story with a grain of salt and then started the Challenger and went on the test drive. We loved the way it handled and the acceleration was like nothing we had ever dreamed of – it was quick and responsive. The dealership was very professional and the man was a real gentleman; when we signed the papers he never once said "I told you so." When we drove off the lot in our new Challenger we both looked in the mirror to see just how big our smiles really were.