Often when a customer has decided what type sports car would buy, the reliability question comes in place. As we all know, a superfast old Porsche or exotic BMW 8-series is not the best choice for everyday driving. However, some people use their beloved cars to go to work, shopping or even to take their kid to school with their 800PS drag racer. So, when you drive a lot something will definitely break, especially in tuned and boosted sports car.

Most of the problems can be easily repaired on the road with the proper equipment, but sometimes the driver will need the help of a tow-truck  or rescue patrol. In such case you have to be a member of a motoring organisation, which will help you to get home safely. One of the biggest UK motoring organization is RAC. They have over seven million members and enormous crew of approximately 4 000 dedicated people ready to help in every situation. The company also provides insurance broking and management services. It is headquartered in Birmingham, but the 1800 road patrols attended to over two and a half million rescue breakdowns back in 2010. This shows that a lot of people need special care on the road.

There are a lot of sports car, which are extremely reliable, but trouble happens to everybody, so nobody is insured. So, next time you plan a trip or fun driving weekend at the local racetrack with your Porsche 911 Turbo for example, make sure that everything in the sports car is carefully serviced and you are a member of a motoring organization, which will take care for you and your vehicle.