Have you ever been in such a weird and wacky driving situation that you didn't even know what you were doing right or wrong? If you have travelled to different countries around the world then you will probably know that each country has its own unique driving laws. And I'm not talking about normal road penalties such as speeding and parking tickets. There are some strange driving laws around the world!

For instance, in most states in America, it is legal for drivers to turn left at a red light. This law is catching on around the world and by July 2015 in Brisbane, Australia, drivers will be able to turn left on a red light at up to 50 intersections.

A peculiar law in Sweden and Bulgaria is that you must always drive with the lights on, even in the summer, when it is sunny outside. So if you are travelling by car in these countries, you should never forget that you can be fined up to $2000 if you have forgotten to turn on your headlights.

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Check out this infographic Sinnamon Lawyers have developed – its full of weird and wacky driving rules!