The hottest kid in town, the coolest guy on the block.

Unbeatable. And then what happens, to completely ruin your day? 'Subaru' go and introduce, a new one.

The launch, of any car, that enjoys the kind of, cult status, enjoyed but the 'Impreza Turbo', is one tense moment.

Get it right, the world will love you.

Get it wrong, well, I'll call you some very nasty names.

So, let's establish right from the start; they haven't got it wrong at 'Subaru'.

0:54There's nothing wrong with the car, it's just the case of whether they've got it, just right with the degree of compromise.

The thing is, it would be very easy for a car, as supremely competent as the 'Impreza', to be, well, lacking a bit in personality.

But, because, at its heart, there is that glorious, flat-four, boxer formation, engine.

Belting out, apart from the power, just that fantastic noise.

And it's the way it delivers the power as well.

Torquey. Chunky. It's a really characterful engine to drive.

It may look slightly dopier, in fact, it does look slightly dopier, let's be honest about it.

But it's not lost the edge when it comes to driving.

Which is just as well, because that engine is quite capable of throwing you at corners, at speed.

You need to be able to get through them, and you will.

The four-wheel drive system, still race-bred, still one of the best on the road.

It's enormous fun, huge amounts of grip.

Not so many years ago - god I love this noise - a car that gave, this kind of performance, well, it had yet to be invented.

And then when it was available, you'd have had to sell your house and your neighbors', to buy it.

Now, though, at what? £22,000.

It's a phenomenal value.

You're buying a supercar.

For, ordinary company car, run-about, money. It's incredible.

The thing is, the 'Impreza' is like no other.

A car that is full of contradictions.

What have you got?

Underneath, it is a supercar, undeniably, but then it looks, well, supremely sensible.

And then again, sometimes, it doesn't look sensible at all, it looks like this.

It's mad.

I've said, that the looks of the new 'WRX', are a little tame.

And it begins to look even more cuddly when it's alongside the older model.

Straight, angular lines, have been replaced with flowing curves.

And, spoilers and bonnet intakes, have been tamed.

Yep, the new 'WRX' is a shape, that even your granny would approve of.

It's not just the looks that have been compromised on the new 'WRX' though.

It's the drive, which in the new car, is noticeably more, consenting and comfy than the previous model especially compared to this particular model. Which is, shall we say, not entirely, standard.

Let's put it this way; how does 300 brake horsepower sound?

Oh yeah, that's what the 'Impreza Turbo', used to be about.


This thing is just... oh... it's, it's... oh, it is.

I mean, you know, it always has been, and, it still is.

It's a beast of a thing.

But look, we've got to be fair here, because this isn't entirely standard, this is an 'STI'.

And, they didn't use to bring it into the UK, officially, when it was around.

So, this would have been a Japanese import.

So, it would have been a bit nuttier. You'd always would've a bit more power, than the current one.

But this has been further boosted, to about, 300 brake horsepower.

It's been lowered on the suspension and a few other spoiler parts.

But it's not far off, a direct comparison, between old and new, 'WRX'.

This is just a more basic feel.

We're on lower profile tyres.

So you can feel, every, single, ripple.

And the steering, is just impossibly direct.

Think through your fingertips, and it changes directions, before you're even aware you want to go that way.

It really is.

You wear the car, you don't just drive it. That sounds corny, but it is true.

Ha, nope, there is no doubt about it.

The old 'Impreza' is by far and away, the sharper and more brutal, of the two cars.

But maybe it's time is done.

It's completed the job, it was given, to set out to do.

And that was, to become and icon, and to put 'Subaru' on the map.

So maybe the company did the right thing, in letting the new car grow up, just a little bit.

Let it stray just a little further, into the realms of comfy.

But don't let that fool you, because the 'Impreza' is still one hot car.

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