2021 Celebrity VehiclesWhen your streaming name is Nickmercs, you almost have no option other than to treat yourself to a Mercedes that has been given the AMG treatment

Online streaming is now a huge sector in the entertainment industry. Many of the pursuit's founding personalities are now breaking through into the mainstream, having made their names on platforms such as Twitch and the now defunct Mixer.

This has meant that rather than just picking up "Super Chat Donations" and "Twitch Prime Subscriptions", many Twitch streamers are raking in the big bucks thanks to endorsement deals they have negotiated with everyone from online gaming companies to energy drink conglomerates.

Of course, that money has to get spent on something more than just pimping out their streaming studios. Some have taken to investing in flashy vehicles. After all, being glued to a screen for hours on end would make anyone want to get out on the open road for a little burn out.

Here we take a look at just some of the incredible motors that have been accrued by Twitch's biggest online streaming stars.

Nickmercs – Battle Royale Bro Rides in Style

Mercs is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, boasting a following of 5.8 million, many of whom are also paying subscribers. He has a strong background in Esports competition, but has since switched his attention to growing his streaming community and fanbase.

When he is not fragging people in COD: Warzone, he can be found cruising around in his Mercedes AMG C 63 S Coupe. With the car matching his name and his clean-cut image, Nickmercs appears to have found just the right ride. As more Twitch success comes his way, there is no doubt that Mercs will be adding more cars to his collection in the near future.

Spraggy – Poker Pro Indulges His Inner James Bond

Spraggy is a longstanding poker pro who has risen to become one of the most recognizable names and faces on the platform. Alongside his teammate and rival Lex Veldhuis, Spraggy's stream can regularly be seen trending on the Twitch platform, outstripping some of the site's other biggest streaming channels.

Being a British player, it is hard for someone like Spraggy not to want to be a little bit like James Bond, who always appears unbeatable on the green felt of a poker table. Perhaps this is why Spraggy has previously owned an Aston Martin DB, a car series which has appeared in multiple Bond movies down through the years. At least he backs this up by taking down high roller tournaments on a regular basis, setting the standard that all other Twitch streamers in his field must live up to.

2021 Celebrity Vehicles The Aston Martin DB series of cars is a must have for any UK-based Twitch streamer

Dr Disrespect – Banned from Twitch but Still Up to Speed

The man known simply as "Dr" by his diehard fans was once one of the flagship names on the Twitch streaming platform, only for a mysterious ban to push him onto YouTube Gaming instead. However, he still makes this list because his whole online persona is built around fast cars, and in particular classic Lamborghinis.

He even had a bit of a scrape in one beloved Lambo, as a tire blew out to send him skidding into a BMW dealership. Rather than hanging around to wonder about how the crash happened, Dr Disrespect went straight out and purchased himself an Alpina B7, which has a top speed of 205 mph.

Magnus Carlsen – Chess Grand Master with a Need for Speed

Although he is less present on Twitch these days than he used to be, Magnus Carlsen still lights up the platform whenever he makes an appearance. He is not as much of a petrol head as some of the other names mentioned on this list, instead choosing to rock his mega-brain around town in the more eco-conscious (but still extremely pricey!) option of a Tesla.