It is clear that 2012 has clearly started with a harsh weather, record temperatures are being registered all over the U.S. and Europe. For us who enjoy taking good care of our dear vehicles, we understand the risks of not taking the necessary measures to protect our cars during this time of the year. Here are several tips to consider before, and during the snowy season.

The first step is always to check the oil, add antifreeze, and check tire pressure and battery. If it is probable that you will use the car often during this time, you should consider buying snow tires. The correct tire pressure is crucial, due to the slippery nature of the ground; the car's tires are bound to lose grip and contact with the road. In terms of traction, if you own a 4WD car, it's better to have this system checked; some cars have a full 4WD enabled at all time, however this could fail if not checked.

If your car is a classic, or has some time around, then it's probably smart to check on the viscosity of your oil. Oil viscosity refers on to how "thick" the oil is. During winter, with outside temperature dropping, oil thickens even more, limiting engine lubrication when you start the car. If your car is new, most come with oil thin enough to withstand the winter.

Battery life is important; during this time of the season battery power can be reduced up to 50% on older batteries (3 years or more). Also these are more prompt to corrosion from salt that may get in and the overall climate. You should have your battery checked and cleaned during this time.

Visibility is crucial during winter, many accidents occur because people lack enough visibility, or their wipers break or the wiper fluid is not working properly. These are two elements that many people overlook during this time.  Wipers older than one year should be replaced; this is because wiper blades can be heavily damaged with salt and heavy precipitation. Wiper fluid, if not treated well with a de-icer, can cause ice to be formed on your windshield; you should make sure the fluid contains some of this.

Finally, if you will not be using your car for a prolonged time then it is probably better to find the appropriate storage space for it. Most people use their garage as a 2nd office, or as another extension of their home, making it impossible to storage your car there. Other people choose to keep it outside, with simple covers. However, there are others that take care more seriously and choose to hire personal storage units. Self storage for cars is an excellent option to keep your car from harms-way. These spaces come with appropriate temperatures to avoid hazards, and keep your car away from snow, ice, salt, and corrosion. Most prices are very convenient and offer discounts for longer contracts. However, it is important to choose a recognized facility that offers a guaranteed safe space, with appropriate temperatures and no leaks, humidity or other dangers. Uncle Bob's self storage offers these services.