TECHART Automobildesign GmbH recently presented the TECHART GTstreet RS, based on the Porsche 911 GT2, achieving an impressive best time of 1,06.811 minutes on the short Hockenheimring course.

The model will now be presented at the Geneva Auto-Salon 2009 with the TECHART LED day driving light and the new TECHART nose lift system.

TECHART GTstreet vehicles have ranked among the fastest and highest performance sports cars in the world since 2001. This high performance is reflected in the use of the TECHART Performance Kit TA097/T2.2 and stands at 700 PS and 515 kW, with the sports car having a maximum torque of 860 Nm. This performance is achieved with the use of modified turbochargers, large carbon fibre inlet manifolds, special intercoolers, a valve-controlled sports exhaust system combined with high-performance manifolds and a modified pressure sensor and sports air filter. In the wind tunnel, the GTstreet Aerodynamic Package reveals the highest performance values: at a speed of 140 km/h, 10 kg of downforce on the front axle and back axle is recorded.

The front apron is fitted with a carbon splitter. Air ducts ensure that cool air can escape directly behind the radiator over the newly developed air outlet which then significantly reduces buoyant force on the front axle. Side carbon flaps support this effect by increasing downforce. The comprehensive modifications mean that the sports car with its aerodynamic bonnet, headlight trims, mirror trims, sill panels and carbon roof spoiler operates with great precision.


Particularly distinct is the rear spoiler which is fitted with winglets and a carbon gurney flap. The rear apron with carbon diffuser, air outlet and carbon air ducts completes the features of this club sports car.

The high performance is also impressively reflected in its chassis. Fitted with TECHART Formula III forged wheel rims and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Plus tyres, the GTstreet RS programme offers drivers the maximum performance for a sports car legal for road use. The TECHART nose lift system also offers the chance to raise the vehicle by up to 60 mm on its front axle at speeds of up to 80 km/h. At the simple touch of a button, the system can be operated from inside the vehicle. The specially adapted TECHART threaded chassis is  available as an option.

At a glance: impressive design and active security The new multi-functional TECHART day driving light system is more than just an ambitious design feature. It also makes a significant contribution to improving safety by day and night.

The LED system unit combines day driving lighting, side lighting, parking lighting and indicator lights in one unit which blends in perfectly with the design of the front of the vehicle. The strength of the lights automatically adjusts depending on the day light setting selected. The day driving light is also dimmed when the vehicle is turning to ensure that the indicator lights stand out.

From colourful decorative stitching to complete leather furnishings in a colour of your choice

or even decorative components in various materials such as carbon or lacquer – TECHART offers a virtually endless degree of freedom to design the car interior according to individual requirements. Additional accessories such as aluminium pedals, a 3-spoke sports wheel and lit door entry guards featuring an individual logo complete this range of options for the vehicle interior.