The Benefits of Diesel Over PetrolThe Benefits of Diesel Over Petrol

As you begin the process of shopping for a truck the question of diesel versus petrol is bound to come up. Many trucks are available in diesel only, and for people who have never had diesel you may be wondering what the benefits are. Diesel actually has all kinds of advantages, as we will take a closer look and discover. This could also explain why diesel is seeing such a huge rise in popularity in places such as Europe and Australia.

It's All About the Mileage

While there are all kinds of benefits to choosing diesel, the top benefit has got to be that you will get better mileage. It's not just a little bit better either, the diesel makes a significant difference. It's typically to get 25 to 30% better economy on your vehicle. Considering the price of gas nowadays that can equate to a pretty big cost-benefit.

Now obviously that number can change depending on the vehicle. If you are looking at something a bit more customized such as a Cummins Diesel Lifted Truck, you'll want to discuss the fuel economy with the sales person first. It may be less or more than that typical amount.

Built to Take a Beating

The Benefits of Diesel Over Petrol

Another reason diesel is so common in pickup trucks in particular is that they are just built to take more of a beating. They are meant to last longer, take more in terms of compression, and just hold up well over time. It's not unheard of to see a diesel engine go past the 800,000 miles mark. This is even more important if you're looking at buying a used vehicle, as you know that it's still got lots of life left in it.

In general, you should actually see less service and repairs needed as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance schedule.

More Pulling Power

Consumers that are purchasing a truck are typically interested in the torque, or the pulling power of the engine. If you plan on hauling or towing anything, torque is going to be top of the list. Diesel engines are able to offer more torque, which makes them a great option.

Bypass the Need for an Ignition Tune-Up

If you've ever needed an ignition tune-up on your petrol vehicle, then you can say goodbye to this repair bill in the future. Diesel engines don't use distributors or spark plugs this means you'll never need to tune them up. Keep in mind that doesn't mean the engine doesn't need maintenance, it just doesn't use those parts.

The Price of Gas – Not Necessarily a Benefit

While the price of diesel also used to be a huge benefit, as it was always cheaper than petrol, it's important to point out this isn't always the case now. Often diesel is priced the same, sometimes it can be more depending on if the vehicle uses a premium grade.

When it comes down to it if longevity is key in your buying decision, then you really can't beat what a diesel engine offers in a truck.