2020-Motorhome-910Owners of motorhomes have great freedom and flexibility when it comes to life so it is easy to see why so many people buy these vehicles. As with regular automobiles, there are many different types to choose from so here is a look at a few of the best motorhomes that money can buy in 2020.

Dethleff Pulse Classic

The Dethleff Pulse classic is a superb, luxury motorhome which provides a comfortable and spacious home on wheels. The Pulse classic has superb build quality, a surprising amount of interior space for a motorhome and cutting edge features which ensure that anyone would be happy living in one of these.

Lunar Campers Lerina

The Lunar Campers Lerina features a Toyota Proace base which ensures that it is a well-built and reliable motorhome. The Campers Lerina is more affordable than many motorhomes but equally as good with high-quality fittings, generous equipment and an enjoyable driving performance which means that it ticks all of the boxes that an owner needs.

Swift Select

The Swift Select is excellent value for money as it is one of the more affordable motorhomes but also one which provides a comfortable interior and easy driving as a van conversion. There are a range of layout options which will work well for a couple with enough interior space so those looking for fun outdoor adventures should take a serious look at this motorhome.

Rolling Homes Magellan

This award-winning motorhome has a Mercedes Vito base so you can be sure that you are getting brilliant build quality with this vehicle. It has more interior space than most other motorhomes which is always an added plus while the adaptable layout makes it easy to change for different situations whether you are enjoying a home-cooked meal or going to bed. There is also plenty of storage space which is handy for those living in the motorhome or planning to go on a motorhome holiday.

Sun Living S 65SL

The Sun Living S 65SL, with a Fiat Ducato base, has a trick up its sleeve which makes it one of the more appealing motorhomes. This is that it has a clever layout where there is a "hideaway' washroom which allows the bathroom to contract when not in use but be spacious when somebody is using it. This provides decent interior space which is furthered by the L-shaped kitchen area.


As such a unique type of vehicle, it is important that people are aware of what the key considerations are when shopping for a motorhome. The kitchen, sleeping facilities and storage are key areas to keep in mind but you must also think about security features, equipment and the driving performance of the vehicle. Motorhome insurance is another important area to consider and can be complex so you will need to go with a motorhome specialist like Comfort Insurance.

Owning a motorhome can transform your life, but you need to make sure that you find the right vehicle for your need with the above all being excellent options to consider.