London-based firm, Alchemist, will be showcasing its luxury car customisation service at this year's MPH show featuring Top Gear Live. The artisan company specialises in applying a lustrous coat of 24-carat gold to the roof of any car.

Alchemist uses an innovative new patented process to cover a car's roof with the purest gold leaf. Prices start at £12,500 and each rooftop is signed and numbered and the client presented with a certificate of authenticity. For wealthy supercar clients after extra-extravagant customisation, Alchemist can also embed precious gemstones into the gold leaf for drivers after lavish sparkling bodywork.

The company, run by French art director, Jacques Blanc, has been established in London since February 2008 and has completed custom gold-top finishes on Bentleys, Porsches, Mercedes and an Aston Martin.

Bentley and Aston Martin with the Golden Roof, 1 of 3
Bentley and Aston Martin with the Golden Roof, 2 of 3
Bentley and Aston Martin with the Golden Roof, 3 of 3

Based in the heart of affluent Kensington, Jacques Blanc's 24-carat services are in growing demand from a wealthy clientele who require the ultimate in supercar customisation.

Jacques Blanc commented; "Gold-leafing vehicles isn't a new luxury. The Egyptians mastered the technique more than 3000 years ago and Tutankhamun's chariot was decorated with gold leaves. We are simply continuing this ancient and opulent tradition."

For MPH: The Prestige and Performance Motorshow, Jacques' team has plans to create the ultimate James Bond vehicle by completely gilding a new Aston Martin DBS, star car of Casino Royale and the upcoming Quantum of Solace, in 24-carat gold and platinum.