If you were to drive your vehicle without ever replacing the tires, not only is this a very dangerous scenario, but you can eventually wear down the tread to the point where there is no tread left. You should never drive a vehicle when the tires have gone bald. The tread of your vehicle's tire is one of the most important design points because this is where the road comes in contact with your tires. In this blog article, SimpleTire illustrates the dangers of driving with worn or bald tires on your vehicle.

When your tire treads have been worn down to the point that your tires are flat or "slick", this is sometimes known as having bald tires. While talking about tires being bald may be humorous to some, bald tires can be a tremendous safety hazard because they lack tread, have less traction with the road surface, and can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Slick or bald and treadless tires can have less traction in dry conditions but factoring in any sort of precipitation on a commute with bald tires can be a recipe for disaster. Rain, snow, or any sort of precipitation mixed with a drive or commute on bald tires can be impossible to deadly. Driving on bald tires during any sort of precipitation, no matter how light, is not recommended in any way shape or form. In the rain, bald tires can also cause your vehicle to hydroplane, which can potentially lead to a serious accident injuring you, your family, and other motorists. If you have bald tires, you should replace them as soon as possible. Please consider parking your vehicle until your bald tires are replaced to prevent any mishaps or damages.

Ideally, replacing your tires before they get to the point where they are completely bald is your best case scenario. When tire tread depths hit below 2/32", this is considered the dangerous zone and time to replace. In areas and regions where annual vehicle inspections are mandated, 4/32" of tread wear or less can be considered not enough tread to pass.

Tire tread can be measured with a tire tread gauge or using a quarter or pennie. Insert the coin head side down in the tread of the tire to make sure the tread can reach the top of the coin's head. If you can see the entire head, your tires are worn past their wear indicators and due for replacing.

When it comes to replacing tires, there are models available which can last significantly longer than others. Some new tires can come with treadwear mileage warranties up to 90,000 miles. To find out more about high mileage tires and their availability, be sure to visit SimpleTire's Bald Tire Blog Post today.

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