Volkswagen's compact SUV wins the readers' vote The readers of 4Wheel Fun have elected their prize winners, and a Volkswagen model has come out the favourite by far: the Tiguan. Not only was Volkswagen's new compact SUV able to win the votes of the readers of this off-road magazine, but it is also the choice of buyers – proof of which is provided by the registration figures recorded by the German Federal Office for Motor Traffic, in whose books the Tiguan has clearly led the field in the segment for off-road vehicles since January 2008. More than 6,000 readers of 4Wheel Fun took part in the contest to award the "Super Stars 2008", casting votes for their favourites in five vehicle categories. The Tiguan came out the winner in the mid-class segment, drawing a total of 25.7 per cent of the vote. Thus, the Touareg's small brother achieved the most convincing win in this contest, given that it captured almost twice as many votes as the runner-up (13 per cent).

Volkswagen Tiguan, 1 of 8
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The Tiguan has been permanently in the fast lane since it was first launched on the market last November. After just three months, the compact SUV was the most frequently sold vehicle in its segment. The most popular version of the Tiguan is the "Sport & Style" fittings option – the choice of two thirds of all buyers. Close to 75 per cent of buyers order the new common-rail TDI engine unit, available with either 140 PS (103 kW) or 170 PS (125 kW).