Sometimes when an unexpected repair is needed, when looking for cheap car insurance quotes, or even just filling up the tank, we can be forgiven for thinking that our cars are expensive luxuries that barely justify their price tag. We still love them though, and to help keep things in perspective here is a list of the five stunning production models that are currently the fastest cars on the roads...

2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Anyone lucky enough to switch on the 'high speed' mode of this world beating vehicle (using a special key that automatically lowers the suspension and modifies the aerodynamic profile) can look forward to reaching 60mph in an incredible 2.4 seconds. Keeping your foot to the floor will see you travelling at a world beating speed of 264mph, assisted by a 16 cylinder, quadruple bi-turbo charged engine (basically the same as a couple of top notch V8s). The classy looks come from a collaboration between Volkswagen's top design team and Bugatti's long history of luxurious motoring, and the Veyron SS can be yours for all of 2.4 million dollars.

Hennessey Venom GT

In April 2013 this heavily modified Lotus design equalled the Veyron's fastest recorded speed and threatened to topple Bugatti's hard won crown. If Hennessey themselves are to be believed, the race is not over yet, as unproven speeds of 272mph have been predicted. Because of the amount of changes made to the factory version of the Exige, this is a dubious entry in our list of production cars. It certainly is quick though, holding the record for 0-300kmph acceleration with a time of under 14 seconds. The top line version comes with a 1200hp V8 mid-engine, and will cost you over a million dollars for shipping to Europe.

SSC Ultimate Aero

The former record holder for top speed until 2007, this sleek offering from Shelby Supercars still has its fair share of wwwirers. In keeping with the company's all-American macho image, the Ultimate Aero is free from many of the electronic driving aids seen in other cars in the list. It never the less manages to reach 60mph in 2.78 seconds, and keep going all the way to 260mph in spite of the original spec only being 'supposed' to hit 236mph. Looking like a mixture of Ferrari and McLaren styles does the car very little harm in the looks department too.

9ff GT9

This comes in a familiar shape thanks to the fact that is based on the classic 911 design, and makes it onto our list because the German tuning company that produce it make their modifications prior to it coming off their own production line. The traditional rear-engine Porshe design is ditched in favour of a mid-engine configuration, and the resulting improvements in weight distribution help the GT9 handle the 257mph top speed with aplomb. In order to compete with the other supercars seen here, all of the traditional luxuries associated with the interior of a 911 have been ditched, with just a roll-cage deemed necessary.

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