Going away to uni is set to be one of the most important and life changing events you will have experienced. Be prepared for the lifestyle you are about to lead – the good times and the hard slog – it will definitely put you in good stead for success.

Getting on the Road

Depending on whether you opt for on-campus accommodation or a local house share, it is crucial to look at vehicle manufacturers which offer generous car finance deals. After passing your test, the costs of running a car can be expensive and so every little really does help.

Search for schemes such as 0% car finance deals or 50/50 payment plans. The latter is a great way of paying a chunk up front and leaving you with nothing monetary to worry about for a couple of years. This really is essential for those days when you just need to escape home.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

The majority of student accommodation requires you to take in your own household items, including furnishings. Make a list of each room and the objects and appliances you typically use in them.

It's easy to forget the basics, so ensure you've packed cutlery, key food stuffs and cooking utensils for the kitchen. You will also need bedding, toiletries and towels.

When it comes to knick knacks such as safety pins, matches and Tupperwear, Mum should be able to help you put a comprehensive list together.

Academic Essentials

Always be prepared for the academic demands of your higher level education course. Be set for the strains of studying hard and take with you a comprehensive reading list, computer software and memory drives. An 18 month diary is also helpful for planning your study time.

Fun and Fancy Bits

We all go to uni for similar reasons - to experience the lifestyle and most importantly to further our education and hopefully gain a higher level qualification. That being said, there is going to be plenty of opportunity to dress up and rock on.

Take bits and pieces to create fancy dress costumes, a good selection of casual and party clothes, makeup – we're not judging the lads – as well as films and a music system for ‘quiet nights in'.

Whichever of the car finance deals you decide are for you, plan in advance for a stress-free Fresher's week. Start uni life as you mean to go on.