At the Beijing Goldenport International Circuit (lap: 2.39km) in Beijing, China, the second round of the China Circuit Championship (CCC) series for the 1600cc class was held, driver Guo Hai Sheng in the Dongfeng Nissan Ghia Team-run Nissan Tiida finishing third, grabbing his second consecutive podium since the opening round of the season.

There are two Nissan Tiidas entered in the series. Lin Li Feng's #4 Tiida started with a 40kg weight handicap, designed to balance performance after last year's results (third place). After finishing 2nd in the opening race at the Shanghai F1 Circuit in April, an additional handicap weight was added, the overall ballast on the car now totaling 100kg. Due to this, Lin was unable to up his pace in the qualifying session, and snatching 6th in the race. On the other hand, Guo's Tiida, which won the opening race of the year, had an extra 80kg of handicap weight on board. Despite the heavy load, Guo attacked rigorously, grabbing the 2nd slot on the front row of the grid.

Race morning began with light, cold rain falling. Lin's Tiida came back to the pit after the formation lap before the start. The extra weight seemed to have made the car unsteady, and after considering safety issues, Lin retired.

In the 14-car race, Guo's Tiida, from 2nd on the grid, was off to a good start, going into the first corner in the lead. However, Guo's Tiida was also being affected by the handicap weight, mainly to the body, and on lap 8, the #2 Polo got past. Two more cars followed, dropping the car to 4th. From then on, the 2007 championship-winning #1 VW Polo led the race, but on the home straight on lap 15, the car's engine blew, causing retirement. Guo's #3 Tiida went on to finished 3rd.