2019-Learner-Driver-910If you're planning on learning to drive in 2019, choosing the right car is essential. You're going to want something that's easy to drive, simple to park, and won't break the bank to run - here are five of the best choices you can make.

Alfa Romeo Mito

The Alfa Romeo Mito is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a genuinely attractive little car that offers an excellent driving experience. It boasts responsive steering and lively throttle inputs, without ever getting away from you - making it perfect for when you're just starting to negotiate your way around the roads. With a compact 0.9 engine available, insurance premiums should also be reasonable.

Skoda Citigo

The Skoda may not win any awards for beauty, but it's a fun little car that's very well put together - opt for the Monte Carlo kit for improved looks. The Skoda will make a great choice if you're looking for value for money, as it costs very little to run or insure. The relatively compact dimensions mean it should be quite easy to park and navigate busy roads with. Skoda boasts an impressive reliability and safety record, which should also help put your mind at rest.

Ford Fiesta The Ford Fiesta has been one of Ford's most popular and consistent models, and it's easy to see why - it offers arguably one of the best drives in the small hatchback segment. It's also reasonably well-equipped and decently affordable. With the wide dealership network and large numbers produced, keeping it running reliably should be reasonably easy too! The Fiesta has recently had a facelift for the 2019 model, so there's never been a better time to get one.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is another car that offers excellent value for money, however, it's often seen as the more "grown up" choice. People who just want a well-made, good looking car to get them from A to B often buy Polos, and it's easy to see why. While the drive won't set your senses alight, it's predictable and comfortable enough to make it a compelling choice while you're still learning the rules of the road. Though compact on the outside, it offers decent space inside, meaning passengers and luggage are handled with ease.

Kia Picanto

You can add the little Kia to the list of cars you buy with your head rather than your heart. It offers attractive styling, a decently comfortable ride, and a reasonable driving experience. The Kia really shines, however, when you begin to consider the impressive seven-year warranty that Kia provides, along with the already impressive build quality. Add to that the generous equipment levels, and the small Kia starts to make much more sense for anyone who wants to spend their money as wisely as possible.

Finding the right car for you

Finding the right car for you is essential if you're learning to drive in 2019 - choose from any of these five, and you're going to be satisfied.