In a world where electric vehicles and hybrid cars are pushing the boundaries of automobile manufacturers, classic cars remain a popular investment for hoards of people around the world. Whether you are a lover of iconic vintage cars or are merely wondering which classic chevy is a good buy in terms of the vintage car market, most classic car experts know that chevy is a brand worthy of investment. To help you make the best decision when searching for a classic chevy, we have rounded up the top chevy car models since the iconic brand first started manufacturing vehicles. What'sWhat's more, the vintage car market is currently booming, so there is no better time to invest in a classic Chevy car.

El Camino

The iconic vintage el Camino is an iconic chevy that emerged onto the markets back in 1959. The pickup was created to compete with the classic ford ranchero pickup. Although the el Camino's first run only lasted roughly two years, the vehicle was soon considered the perfect combo of a regular car and a truck, sporting a design that would quickly start a popular trend later. It wasn't until 1964 until chevy released a modified and improved version of the el Camino. The 1964 model of the el Camino was then considered one of the best multipurpose vehicles back in the day and remains an excellent buy for investors of classic cars, restoration enthusiasts, and anyone with an inherent appreciation for vintage cars. If you are considering an el Camino, be sure to find a retailer of authentic chevy el Camino parts for restoration and maintenance purposes.

Bel Air

The chevy bel air is a popular classic car as the vehicle can be seen in countless classic films and films that aim to recreate the 1950s. While it could be the film industry that fuelled this vintage model's popularity, the bel air soon became a true American icon, showcasing details that were highly sought after during the time; tail fins, chrome, and metal. The two-door vehicle boasted an aesthetic appeal of the time as the overall balance of creativity and design grabbed drivers' attention back then. However, the chevy bel air remains a popular choice for car lovers worldwide as a valuable classic.


The impala was first released by chevy back in 1959, and the model has remained a classic favorite until today. The sleek design and features that resonated throughout the years that followed made the vehicle a trendy choice for drivers of the time. The vehicle's long design and sharp features also deem it a car that is exceptionally easy to differentiate its place in time. The aesthetics of this vehicle make it a popular choice for collectors of classic cars. However, what truly adds value to this specific model is the fact that chevy did not manufacture the model for too long, rendering the model something of a rare chevy icon. When considering that a mint condition chevy impala can sell for upwards of $100,000 at an auction, it is truly a trophy vehicle for any collector.

Corvette Sting Ray

The chevy corvette stingray graced the markets back in 1963. The vehicle soon became a popular choice for drivers as the vehicle's unique design showcased a split rear window, chiseled rear haunches, and a rear hood that is notably reminiscent of the stinger; hence the name of the now-iconic vintage car. The corvette stingray is a vintage sports car that was significantly lighter, smaller, and faster than any other of its time. While it wasn't long until the sting ray stole the show as the most popular chevy of its time, the corvette stingray remains a popular find in any classic car collectors garage. What'sWhat's more; this specific model is also relatively easy to find parts for, like a vintage sports car that most collectors prefer to hold onto as an invaluable asset to their collection.


The Chevy Chevelle is one of the newer models in classic car history that car collectors love. The vehicle emerged onto markets back in 1970. However, the models from 1970 and 1972 are the most valuable today. It was the Chevelle that helped to define and fuel the era of muscle cars. The Chevelle is another popular choice for classic car restorers and collectors as the vehicle resonates strongly with the 1970s, showcasing a design and appeal that controlled the automobile market for several years after its release.

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