When millions of people across the globe choose the same car year after year, it warrants a closer look under the hood. Today we look at the bestseller Toyota Corolla – the world's most popular car.

Toyota Corolla is the most sold car in the world. Read more about what makes the Corolla so special. You'll also get some advice on how you can finance your own.

Toyota Corolla – A Success Story

Some cars just never expire, and the Toyota Corolla is that type of car. Every fourteenth second, a Toyota Corolla is sold somewhere on the planet. The car is manufactured in 16 different countries in order to meet global demand. In fact, it's the only car in the world that is being manufactured on every continent.

The Toyota Corolla was launched in Japan in 1966. At the time, owning a car in Japan was just a mere dream for many. It was a status symbol and a luxury that few could afford. Then the demand for good and modern family cars exploded.

Toyota managed to meet the demand, and they did so with perfect timing. The Corolla had everything: Performance, quality, economy, and ride comfort. Since then, it has led the compact family car market in Japan. Toyota follows new trends on the market, but newer models are still being developed under the same principles: Innovation, safety, having fun while driving and a lot of car for your money.

In 2018, the 12th generation of Corollas was rolled out, and it still tops the lists of the most sold cars in the world. Today, more than 45 million Toyota Corollas have been sold across the globe.

The Comeback Car

At one point, it seemed that the most popular car was to be no more. Many people were scratching their heads when Toyota decided to discontinue the Corolla. In 2006, it was replaced by the Auris. Toyota seemed to regret the choice, though.

And so, they reintroduced the car in 2018 with three brand new models: A hatchback, a station wagon, and a sedan. All had the latest in hybrid technology. It was a solid comeback for the Corolla name. In 2019, Toyota was the most sold brand in the world and the Corolla was once more the most sold model.

Toyota is launching a new Corolla in 2021 and will most likely be another success. It's a hybrid with 52 miles per gallon, which means that you'll be able to go far without having to fill fuel or charge. The design has been updated again. The car looks nothing like the 1966 version.

New or Used – The Toyota Corolla is a Good Choice

Do you dream about owning your own classic Toyota Corolla? Or are you more interested in a modern hybrid model? No matter what you go for, Toyota Corolla is a safe bet.

If you buy a new car, you'll have all the benefits of modern features, the best performance and all the latest technology. You'll never be able to sell it to someone else for the same price, though. During the first years after it has left the car dealership, a new car plummets in value.

A used car will also drop in value but not at the same speed as a new one. This means that if you want to sell, you might get something close to the price you initially paid for it. Still, with a used car you'll have frequent and expensive trips to the repair shop. They are used, after all.

Buying a used car is a bit more demanding than buying a new one. You should at least try it before buying. Get information about how often the car has been to the repair shop, and why it was there. You might bring a mechanic or an experienced friend to have a look.

Your Dream Car?

If the Corolla is your dream car, you're not alone. It tops the sales charts year after year, and now it's even environment-friendly. Have you decided on a Corolla? Then you should get a car loan, pay from your own pocket or find a leasing offer today.