A joint venture between the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (which apparently deals with music instruments) and Volkswagen has brought as a result this: the Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition. Look, it even has a small "Fender" badge on the...fender... Other than that it has an unsurprisingly outstanding Fender sound system and a musically orientated theme for the interior. The Leipzig International Auto Show will be the debut venue.

The more Volkswageny bits shine under the hood – a TSI 2.0-liter engine that churns out 200 bhp, spins 18-inch "Disc" aluminum-alloyw wheels. Some standard equipment includes Bi-Xenon headlights, brushed chrome wing mirrors and a Deep Black Metallic color.

Inside, all the dashboard features share the same sunburst color found on Fender guitars. The seems are also color orientated and so are the leather seats. The most exciting part however, is the proprietary Panasonic© speaker technology of the Fender sound system – it "cuts through noise and other distraction with front dual-voice coil speakers". We are not sure what that means but at the end of the day, we are promised concert-like quality. We wouldn't be surprised considering the figures (let's just hope that the glass bits of the Beetle are somewhat reinforced):

A 400Watts, 10-channel amplifier and 9 speakers in total:

Four Fender Deluxe™ Tweeters

  • Two-ohm soft dome with neodymium magnet
  • Wide frequency range and extension
  • Incredibly low distortion
  • Excellent off-axis performance
  • Reveals the harmonic richness of voices and instruments

Two Fender Twin™ Speakers

  • 20-cm with dual-voice coils
  • Ribbed polypropylene honeycomb cone
  • Wide frequency range and extension
  • High power-handling capability
  • Lightweight and low distortion

Two Fender Rear Speakers

  • 16-cm with neodymium magnet
  • Ribbed polypropylene honeycomb cone
  • Smooth midrange response

One Fender Bassman™ Subwoofer

  • 20-cm with dual-voice coils
  • Lightweight and high-efficiency neodymium magnet
  • Glassfiber-reinforced foamed paper
  • Super-low distortion
  • High power-handling capability
  • Powerful and precise bass response

Sales will first commence in Europe and latte in the autumn, in the US. No prices yet.

Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition

Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, 1 of 5
Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, 2 of 5
Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, 3 of 5
Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, 4 of 5
Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition, 5 of 5

Source: Volkswagen