2019-Insurance-910You all must know pretty well that car insurance is mandatory as per existing law. You cannot drive around without valid auto insurance. As per https://www.huffpost.com, injuries take place when you meet with motor accidents hence; auto insurance comes with effective ways of ensuring that you could pay your medical expenses. The three essential parts of auto insurance relating to health are BI or bodily injury, medical payments, and PIP or personal injury.

Comprehensive auto insurance would be safeguarding your favorite vehicle from any natural or manmade calamities such as cyclone, earthquake, hurricane, theft, terrorist attacks, etc. You must follow certain existing guidelines while choosing an insurance policy. However, car insurance is supposed to be your best friend in crisis. It would help in covering the losses you could encounter due to an accident and this way it plays a pivotal role in saving you from burning a hole in your pocket.

Having auto insurance is necessary as per the existing law in the District of Columbia and 48 states in the United States of America. If you were responsible for the accident or mishap, the car insurance's auto liability coverage would help you in paying for the victim's property damage or medical bills. It would also take care of all your legal fees. Here are some of the reasons to opt for auto insurance.

To Abide by the State Laws

As law-abiding citizens, you have to fulfill all legal requirements. The laws existing in the different states in the United States specify minimum car liability coverage limits that you are required to purchase. In this context, limit happens to be the maximum amount paid by your insurer for covering a claim. Depending precisely where you are currently residing, some states may make it mandatory to purchase additional coverage on your auto insurance policy.

To Safeguard Finances

If you cause a car accident, you may be held responsible for costs associated with it. If you do not have proper liability coverage, you would need to pay all these costs on your own. Try to avoid liability only insurance as it poses several risks.

Liability only insurance means in the event you are involved in an accident that occurred because you were at fault, you would have to meet all expenses for your medical bills and damage to your vehicle. Insurance would only be responsible in such a case, to pay for the injuries and damages to the other party.

To Protect Your Favorite Car

Even if you own your car outright, it could be a good idea to have collision coverage along with comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage would be paying for all repairs or even replacements if your vehicle is stolen or even if it is damaged by a natural calamity, fire, falling object, or any other reason apart from a collision.

To Give Protection to Your Passengers

Personal injury protection and medical payments coverage could assist you in paying off your medical bills in the event you are hurt in an accident. Moreover, it would be covering the expenses of your passengers because of the accident. Your car insurance is immensely beneficial and may help you in making all the payments towards your surgery, doctor bills, and hospital visits.


Getting a perfect auto insurance coverage could meet legal requirements and safeguard your car, wallet, and offer overall peace of mind. Get in touch with a local car insurance agent who could assist you in choosing the perfect coverage for your unique needs.