2021-Audi-Apple-Car-Play-910Audi Apple CarPlay is a developed app that the Cupertino company has been perfecting for many years. Its software was initially designed as an unsophisticated interface so as not to attract the attention of drivers who were driving and, for example, wanted to turn on music in the car. Many years later, it is an intuitive, user-friendly, multimedia tool that offers really quite a few features.

The most important thing is minimalism!

The problem with traditional smartphone interfaces is that they are overly complex. In everyday use, for example, when we sit comfortably on the couch and want to change some device settings, it is not a big problem.

Using the smartphone becomes a challenge when we want to call somebody up or put some music on. A few simple, intuitive movements that the driver should make without having to glance at the device's screen must be enough.

If using the phone is problematic in this regard, it can cause a car crash. In many places in the world, it is forbidden by law to use a smartphone while driving. In such cases, the advantages of using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for Audi become obvious.

If your car supports the sync option with these apps, the large number of the actions you want to do at any particular time can be accomplished using the function buttons on the steering wheel or center console.

Apple CarPlay and Audi vehicles compatibility

Apple CarPlay is compatible with the vast majority of Audi vehicles. It includes vehicles such as the Audi A1 – A8, as well as S-line: S3/S8 and Q: Q3/Q5 models. It really is a sizable collection of Audi automobiles.

It's also worth noting that, like Audi Android Auto, the manufacturer's vehicles are compliant with MMI 3G Basic, Plus, and High, as well as RMC, MMI Mib1/Mib2. It's simple to find out which MMI version your vehicle has.

The manufacturer also points out that with Apple CarPlay for Audi, all modules work in both wired and wireless modes. This is one of the main differences from the Audi Android Auto ecosystem that Google is developing. Wireless connection may not be fully supported on Android devices.

What does Apple CarPlay for Audi offer?

There are many functions. Compatibility in managing the contact list, as well as the ability to receive and make calls, is unquestionably important. If you use the intelligent assistant Siri, you can navigate the call making with voice commands, for example: "Hey Siri, call dad's office", which will allow you to connect with your dad's office.

You can also turn on music in a similar way, using both the official app from Apple and some tools from other companies, including Spotify, which is very popular in many markets.

Also, nothing stops you from using Audi Apple CarPlay to navigate. You can quickly set your destination and route parameters, then, using the assistant's guidance, confirm your choice and go on your dream journey.

How to broaden the functionality of Audi Apple CarPlay?

If you're tired of the wired factory version, you also can switch to a wireless one. Simply plug our adapter into the MMI USB port to experience all of the functionality without cables.

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