So, the hot summer days are here and many of you are already enjoying or about to enjoy summer vacations. And when it comes to vacation, many of us use to travel and have some fun far away from the city. And for all of you, who still drive with the favorite vehicle, we offer you a list of stuff to keep in mind, when travelling in the countryside. As we know, driving on rural road is a pleasurable experience for many drivers. Bud how many of them know how to deal with accidents and situations on this type of roads? Let's check out.

  • Look ahead as far as possible. You can even try to look across bends along the road, which will help you to spot incoming vehicles. Knowing what's coming ahead is always better, than not knowing, right?
  • Do not fall in the trap, called "don't worry, I've been on this road thousands of times". Always use your concentration and keep your focus on 100%. 110% is even better. And always be prepared for unusual situations and road conditions.
  • Drive at steady speed and be prepared to react quick and think about the road situation all the time. And do not ignore the signs for wild animals on the road. There are numerous accidents because of wild animals, so do not underestimate the road signs.
  • Argicultural vehicles naturally travel at much slower speed, compared to cars. Do not tailgate them and keep a nice distance. And of course, be careful, when overtaking. Some of them are wider and longer, than what it seems like, so keep that in mind.
  • The farms inform you for muddy road. So, when you see one, slow down and prepare for some fight with wet and muddy road. Slow down and keep that speed until the farm is at your back.
  • Remember, that the road rules are there to protect you. Do not try to be superman or mr. Light Speed, because it will result not only on your personal life, but the life of others. Look out for speed limits and road signs, giving information about the road ahead.

So, plan your vacation well, get some rest and promise to be careful on the road!

Source: IAM