2018 Insurance Policies For a lot of people, dealing with car insurance bureaucracy can be a struggle that is worth trying to avoid. However, car insurance is one of life's constants; if you own a road vehicle in Britain then Continuous Insurance Enforcement means you are legally required to have insurance to drive, and you are expected to keep it renewed. Leaving it late to renew can lead to you paying hugely inflated rates. The aim therefore is to have your insurance sorted well in advance. Many insurers offer auto-renewal, however, if you choose this option and do not shop around, you may again find yourself missing out on huge savings.

Risk class

Some of the price difference between insurance policies will be out of your hands, as providers sort their customers into different risk classes, grouping drivers with similar traits to create categories ranging from low-risk to high risk. Higher risk customers pay higher insurance rates. Factors that can affect this include driving history and points, number of years driving, age and insurance history. This can be felt most severely by younger drivers, with those under 25 facing the highest premiums. However, whatever your risk class it is still possible to save by booking early and taking precautions.

Booking ahead of time

2018 Insurance Policies

So, can you get car insurance quotes in advance? The good news is that you can look around for quotes a couple of months before your policy is set to expire. Drivers are normally advised to look around from three weeks before the expiry date for another deal. However, even this reasonable length of time might not be enough to fully explore your options and you may want to look around for longer. You can make big savings for a small amount of effort if you choose not to auto-renew and instead, consider shopping around. These are most pronounced for drivers aged 21 to 25, for whom shopping around can result in a saving of up to three hundred pounds. While three weeks before your policy expires is normally considered the best time, looking around your sites beforehand and having your own ideas of how much you think is right before they send you their quote can be useful.

Precautions to lower your rates

While shopping around different insurers can see your premiums fall, behaviour which demonstrably increases the safety of your vehicle can also be counted on to do this. For young drivers who have recently passed their tests and have good connections with a driving teacher, the government's Pass Plus scheme can be a way to demonstrate their ability to drive safely and bring their rates down, which can have a significant effect over their years as a young driver. Parking in a secure area can also have a positive effect on your premium: by parking the car in your garage or another secure area, you and your insurers will be allowed a little more peace of mind.