Rental car accidents can be frustrating, especially when you're on the road traveling long distances for pleasure or business. Unfortunately, rental car companies may require you to pay for the rental car accident if you aren't insured, but this is entirely based on the circumstances of your accident. According to Henningsen Injury Attorneys, P.C., if you are not at fault for your rental car accident, then you are owed compensation for any damages.

If It Is Someone Else's Fault

If someone else was the cause of the accident, then your rental car company will cover the damages if you have rental car insurance. They will then later obtain compensation from the other driver's insurance company to get a settlement for the damages they incurred. If you were injured, your rental car company insurance should also cover your damages, such as medical bills. However, if this amount is far too high and goes beyond the rental car company policy, the other driver must pay you compensation through a settlement.

If It Is Your Fault

When you are at fault for your rental car accident, you can be covered by the rental car company's insurance up to a certain amount. If you didn't pay for insurance, then you will have to pay for the damages. You can find out if your insurance company covers you when you drive other vehicles you do not own to see if they will cover the liability. Another approach is reaching out to your credit card company to see if they provide rental car insurance. Otherwise, you will have to pay out of pocket for any damages you incurred.

When There Is A Dispute

In some cases, you and the other party may dispute who is at fault and refuse to pay each other's damages. When this is the case, you can file a claim to receive coverage through the rental car company or your personal car insurance. While the investigation is ongoing, you may get coverage but might have to pay out of pocket later if you were found responsible for the car accident. Some car companies might require you to pay damages if you weren't insured even if they are unsure who is at fault for the accident. This is why working with a rental car accident attorney can be incredibly helpful.

What To Do If I'm Not At Fault Or Unsure?

In cases where you are not at fault, or partially at fault, and require evidence to prove your case, a rental car accident attorney can be handy. This is especially the case when you have expensive damages and medical bills that are way too costly. An attorney can investigate your claim, dig up evidence, and figure out who can be held liable based on their experience. Their knowledge of personal injury law will be very beneficial for your case. Your lawyer can discover evidence through police reports, eyewitnesses, traffic camera footage, subpoenas, and more. With their help, they can also calculate how much your damages are worth and file a settlement claim against the other party's insurance company. This prevents you from being taken advantage of and can provide speedy results to reimburse you if you already paid for your rental car accident repair costs.