If you are a first-time car buyer then there is a lot that you need to understand about the costs of buying a vehicle. The reasons behind this is so that you can properly budget for your car, and ensure that you will not be buying beyond your means. Buying the car itself is one thing but there is much more to it financially, and here are just some of the extra costs which you will be looking at once you have driven the car off the forecourt.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal requirement when owning a car and this will be one of the biggest annual costs which you will have. Your insurance quote as a first-time car owner is likely to be high as you will not have any driving experience to show. With this being said, if you are smart you will be able to save money on your car insurance quote, through looking for discounts and ways to lower the price. For example, if the car which you buy is low value, and isn't high powered, you can save some money, equally if you can store your car in a garage this could also save money. First time drivers do pay more for insurance, but there are ways to trim the costs.\\

Gas Prices

Gas is a regular payment which you will be making which you should bear in mind when selecting which car, you want to buy. For example, if you buy an old car it may seem like a good idea because the value too will be lower, however, you could find that an old car uses significantly more fuel than a newer model. Bear in mind how much gas your chosen car is likely to use, and also understand how driving in a cautious manner can also reduce your gas consumption.


Maintenance will also cost you money each month, cleaning the car, replacing oil and other fluids, as well as replacing tires when they are worn, are all additional spends which you will have to factor in. Whilst these costs may not be overly high on a regular basis, over the course of a year they can really add up.


You never know when you will need to make repairs on your car and if it is essential to your life, you should really have some money set aside in order to have the repairs completed as soon as possible. On top of any immediate repairs which you may need, you should also bear in mind that each year you will have to have your vehicle inspected each year, and the vehicle must pass in order for you to drive it, this means that you will also need to have funds to cover anything which is picked up during inspection.

You must consider all of these factors before you buy your first car.

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