2021-Supercar-910When approached by my editor to write this article, my first thought was, "My we're appealing to a very small subset of car owners in the Valley." Sure, we have McLaren of Scottsdale on Raintree and the Penske Auto Mall in North Scottsdale with Mercedes, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari dealerships. We have the Barrett-Jackson, Gooding's, Bonhams, and Sotheby's classic car auctions each year that generate untold millions in limited edition, supercars, and hypercars. We are a market of auto enthusiasts, no doubt; Phoenix ranks second only to Monterrey Motor Week in sales of thetop cars in the world!But not many of your everyday Phoenicians own true hypercars.

The Limited-Edition Mercedes-AMG One

Photo Courtesy of Car and Driver Magazine

Then the thought occurred, if the advice in this article applied to hypercars, such as the Mercedes-AMG One, limited-edition shown above, it must be good enough for my classic. My sports car may be fourteen years old, but I still treat it with tender loving care, having it serviced only at a European Motors' specialist, and want to keep it in original, pristine condition. Perhaps that subset of car owners in the Valley is not quite so small.

Not All Supercars are Hypercars

Technically speaking, not all supercars qualify as true hypercars. According to Ferrari,"while a supercar offers world-class performance, a hypercar goes a step further -hypercars are the 1% of supercars, typically, limited-edition vehicles boasting cutting-edge engineering and technology."

To illustrate, there are incredible sports cars, such as the new mid-engine Corvette or the Porsche 911 Carrera, cars you will see everyday on the Valley's streets. Then there are supercarslike the McLaren 540C, the Porsche GT3, or the Lamborghini Huracan. You may see these at a "Coffee and Cars" event or the Scuderia Southwest Motorsports Gathering.

Scuderia Southwest Gathering

Photo Courtesy of Rob Mains Photography

Finally, there are the true hypercars. Limited-edition vehicles with price tags that soar to seven figures and are available only to those .01 percenters who make the VIP list.Perhaps, if you're fortunate enough to be invited,you may spy one of these on the track at Maricopa's APEX Motor Club.

Hypercars, it seems, are for the elite – Hollywood A-listers, NBA All-Stars, almost any quarterback in the NFL, and certain business moguls. Think of Beyonce and Jay Z, the retired boxer, Floyd Mayweather (he owns several Bugattis, Lambos, Ferraris, and McLarens),or Jay Leno.

The Mercedes AMG One shown above is a limited-edition vehicle; only 275 of these 1,000 plus horsepower, $2.7 million vehicles will be made available. Oh, and pre-production is sold out. Aston Martin is developing the V12 Valkyrie, positioned as the fastest street-legal car in the world. One-hundred and fifty lucky enthusiasts will be able to purchase one at an estimated cost of $3 million.

The hypercar is expensive, crazy fast, and hascutting-edge technology. Most are beautiful to behold, albeit outrageously styled. They're awe-inspiring. Should you be fortunate enough to catch a glimpse, your head will swivel as they blow past you.

Windshield Repair for the Supercar or Hypercar

Whether you paid $196,000 for the McLaren 540c, or $1,690,000 for the limited-edition Elva (pictured below), $143,600 for a Porsche GT3, or over $1 million for a 918 Spyder, you've made a significant investment in your supercar/hypercar. You expect superior, world-class performance and service. You'll spare no expense to properly maintain your vehicle to keep it in pristine condition.

McLaren Elva – No Auto Glass


So, What to do if Unfortunate Happen and you Sustain a Damaged Windshield on Your Hypercar?

Other than the McLaren Elva, other supercars and hypercars have windshields, just like your vehicle or mine. So, what do one do if their hypercar's windshield is damaged? They need Original Equipment Manufacture glass to bring the car back into spec to retain its value and maintain its vintage. Because servicing a hypercarrequires a higher level of skill and attention to detail, we recommend you entrust your car only to a professional auto glass repair company, experienced in the supercar space, with access to the appropriate OEM glass and adhesive materials, and the skilled technicians trained to replace your hypercar's glass.

SunTec Auto Glass Repair of Phoenix, AZ, has the technicians with the requisite training and experience to install a new windshield on your hypercar. Perhaps more importantly,SunTec of Phoenix can access the OEM glass and other OEM products, even if only available out of state, specifically calibrated for your vehicle and requiredby companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes.2021-Supercar-Items

The installation of a replacement windshield on your hypercar is a delicate process that requires precise attention to detail by a highly skilled technician. SunTec technicians receive ongoing training and certifications to keep pace with new windshield technologies as manufacturer's replacement procedures are constantly updated.

Mobile Windshield Repair for the Hypercar

SunTec's unparalleled service for the hypercar owner includes mobile windshield replacement – technicians come to you virtually anywhere in the Phoenix Valley. No supercar or hypercar owner wants to see their investment loaded on a tow truck or flatbed for a repair shop trip – mayhem can and will happen.Professional auto glass specialists, such as SunTec, can repair your windshield on location. This could be at your workplace, office, house or shaded areas around Phoenix and other Arizona cities.

Experienced windshield technicians will guarantee the proper fit and finish to restore your vehicle to pristine condition, meeting all safety standards. They also tend to treat your vehicle with the same TLC you do.SunTec's technicians, for instance, have encountered virtually every auto glass issue imaginable on sports cars, supercars, and hypercars, and they can competently handle your vehicle regardless of age or vintage.

To sum it up, hypercars are not only breathtaking and powerful, they require extra care for maintenance and installation. Something as simple as a windshield replacement can take a little more effort than a standard car. With that said, specialist auto glass companies, like SunTec, will continue to provide premium services for hypercar owners.