Yes it's true, there's nothing free in life. But worry-free is a whole different ball game, especially when it comes to motoring and the Motability Car Scheme. The two together really do mean worry-free. And when you're a housebound wheelchair user, having the means to escape into the big wide world is a godsend, literally.

No, this is not some existential treatise on the merits of freedom and choice, although in reality, and practically, that's exactly what wheelchair users can now enjoy. But perhaps not in that order. Change the wording to choice, followed by freedom - choice of car, then the freedom of the road. Just about sums up the Motability Car Scheme!

But now, maybe you're thinking this all sounds a bit too simplistic. Not a bit of it. It really is a simple, two-step process, providing you are eligible, of course. But there's nothing stringent about the eligibility criteria. If you are in receipt of either the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or the war pensioners' Mobility Supplement then you qualify. No ifs, no buts, you're in!

And here's the deal. Exchange all or part of either allowance into the car of your choice. What could be simpler? You'll literally have thousands of brand new cars to choose from, too. So there's bound to be one that's exactly right for your personal circumstances.

However, there are a couple of points to consider. Are you buying or leasing? Yes, you can enter into a hire purchase agreement, for example, with a view to owning your Motability car outright at the end of the agreement term. But there are no 'extras' - read on. Or you can take advantage of the car scheme's leasing package - and most customers opt for exactly that.

That's because we're back to the worry-free aspect of the deal. And this is what you get in return for handing over your allowance every week. For starters, years and years of worry-free motoring, with more than 4,000 brand new Motability cars to choose from. There are no credit checks or assessments either, and no waiting lists. All the paperwork is taken care off, too.

Included in the leasing deal, and at no extra cost to you, is insurance, servicing and maintenance, and full RAC breakdown assistance. As if that wasn't enough, you get the annual tax disc thrown in, tyre and windscreen replacement, a generous 60,000 mileage allowance and many free adaptations to the car to ensure the driving experience is nothing short of pleasurable. You don't get any of this with a hire purchase agreement.

But what if you don't actually drive yourself, is it still possible as simply a passenger to lease a car from Motability? Yes, is the short answer. All you have to do is nominate up to two people to do the driving for you. And if you pay just a little bit extra, you can even nominate a third driver.

Where else would you get such a package? And when the three-year lease comes up for renewal, choose another brand new car and Motability will take care of all the transfer details. Worry-free motoring or what!