There are a number of steps that a young driver can take before getting a new car insurance policy, whether it's third party insurance or fully comprehensive insurance, to reduce the cost of the car insurance premium in order to attain low cost car insurance.  One of the most publicised steps young drivers can take is to apply to have a blackbox fitted in the car you'll be using, that comes with tracking and monitoring devices similar to those used in aircrafts. This means that you'll have cast-iron proof, in the eyes of the insurer, that you are limiting your use of the vehicle to a mileage and a time of day that reduces the likelihood of an accident – and your car insurance premium will be reduced accordingly.

It might seem obvious, but there's no point trying to get an affordable car insurance premium as a young driver if the car you're hoping to be running is a Porsche.  This is the time to be sensible, to demonstrate to your insurer that you're capable at the wheel – short-term your ego might suffer behind the wheel of a Vauxhall Nova, but long-term you'll be able to boost it with all the expensive restaurants you can eat in, thanks to how low your car insurance premiums are.

Another excellent practical step is to take the Driving Standards Agency's Pass Plus course that can strengthen your understanding of potential car insurance danger zones: night-time, motorway and urban driving.  It costs £150 for at least six hours' worth of study, but it's been shown to reduce up to 35% from the car insurance premiums of young drivers, which makes it a highly cost-effective thing to do. Finally, remember your audience – don't make a bunch of expensive modifications to your car that essentially tell the insurer, ‘I like driving fast': they might simply tell you ‘You're not driving anywhere, at least not with our car insurance!'